This week’s blog title might sound a small bit prefer nonsense to you- although anyone familiar with The Muppet Christmas Carol, one of the best Christmas movie of all time, will certainly surely get the reference- however this is one of plenty of silly piece of advice I’ve determined to take to heart this finals season.

This year has actually been hard. Impossible, actually, and also yet we’re in ~ the end of it; we’ve made that through! to paraphrase my American national politics professor from today’s class: did you do it made that this far into 2020, so clearly you’re made of some difficult stuff. I median really; think about all you’ve completed this year. I recognize looking back it doesn’t feel like much, yet consider this: the entire civilization has to be on fire every year. Do you know exactly how absolutely insane the is that you completed anything? The odds were all against you, and yet friend persevered! that’s amazing, and you must be proud that yourself.

That’s wherein the quote comes in. This is mine own means too deep translate of a very literal stunner quote, however here the is: this year has actually been difficult for everyone, and also the mistakes did you do it made, the unavoidable failures and missteps, they’re all a component of living through what has been- for most of us- the hardest year of our lives. Put the blame wherein the blame is due! nothing punish yourself or dwell over what you did wrong, since the answer is probably nothing or really little. Light the lamp, no the rat; reprimand 2020, nothing blame yourself!

Speaking of rats, I have actually recently end up being just the tiniest bit obsessed v knitting them. In ~ this current allude in time, i have knitted and also distributed somewhere in between 25 and also 30 small stuffed rats, and also I’m plan to store going till I can’t discover anyone to take them anymore! I’ve discovered that the a very good stress reliever because that me; I gain to knit, i beg your pardon is something ns love to do, I gain to finish a project an extremely quickly, which gives me a much needed feeling of accomplishment, and also I gain to give something to someone else, and making other civilization happy constantly makes me feel really happy. That pretty lot a win-win-win case (except because that my homework; the lot of procrastination the rat-knitting has enabled is most likely not a win). 

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A beautiful rat display in the Pom Morning Room; where else would it be?

In various other news, we’re headed from midterm season right into finals following week and also I’m feeling much an ext confident in mine classes. I have learned that I’m no actually as poor at calculus as I originally thought, and also I’m in reality much much more inclined come political scientific research than ns felt the first week. I let myself it is in so intimidated by all of the ambition and expert-level outside knowledge the I completely forgot that ns was acquisition a class, no attending a meeting; the allude isn’t come know everything beforehand, yet to learn, and I’ve always been pretty an excellent at that. I could not it is in approaching the class from the same location as the other students, yet I’m act well and enjoying it simply as much, so ns think yes sir something to be said for that. It yes, really wouldn’t surprised me if a year or for this reason from now I was writing to let girlfriend all recognize that I’ve claimed a significant in politics Science! 

I’ve also started to arrangement out my spring course schedule; I’ll be eligible to take classes both in-person and online, and what ns hoping for right currently is a healthy mix the the two. I’m yes, really excited about Understanding and also Improving Schools, a class in the education Studies department! i think mine dad- a high college principal- was a tiny worried the if I started taking classes this one I’d come home and also start criticizing everything around my alma mater, however I’ll shot to keep every one of my comments to myself. Gift from a family members of teachers, I spent the totality of my childhood fully rejecting the idea of becoming a teacher, however as I’ve acquired older i’ve realized that it’s most likely where the course I’m top top is leading, and also I’m much much more excited around it 보다 I ever before thought I’d be. Education and learning Studies is another very huge frontrunner because that a feasible major- ns really love the idea of gift able to have a double focus on education policy and in-classroom teaching. 

This morning was my last research time through the lake for this semester- it to be so cold that ns really only stayed out there because that about fifty percent an hour, but I acquired most that my analysis memo done because that poli sci and also saw many a swan, therefore I speak to that a win!

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The watch from Tupelo allude this morning

This Sunday is the Guild of Carillonneurs Holiday open up Tower; tune into the university Youtube Channel to hear me pat Comfort, Comfort, Joseph Lieber, and Bring a Torch Jeannette, Isabella, and some other holiday favorites from the rest of the guild. We’re running a dress rehearsal the day before, so hopefully everything will go pretty smoothly!

I hope you’ve delighted in this blog short article full the everything and also nothing for the week. I just watched You’ve gained Mail critical weekend, and I yes, really everything about it for this reason I’ll leaving you this week v a quote the last sentence reminds me of that ns hope friend like: “The strange thing about this kind of interaction is you’re an ext likely come talk around nothing than something. But I just want come say the all this nothing has actually meant an ext to me than so many… somethings. So, thanks.”