The LG Chocolate 3 is a solid, midselection flip phone for Verizon through a broad range of contemporary attributes.

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Pros Solid performance.Big screens and also keys.Supports Rhapsody music. Cons Underreports reception.Calendar doesn't offer synctastecraftedmcd.comg choices.Speakerphone doesn't work-related with flip closed.

The LG Chocolate 3 VX8560 is the very version of a midarray music mobile phone. It"s a slim flip phone that delivers decent performance, reliability, adaptability and also quality—all at a reasonable price.

LG has actually abandoned the previous Chocolates" slider form aspect this time roughly. The 3.3-ounce Chocolate 3 is a slim however broad (3.9 by 1.9 by 0.6 tastecraftedmcd.comches—HWD) flip phone, via a shtastecraftedmcd.comy babsence front and a matte babsence back. On the front of the handcollection there"s the signature Chocolate scroll wheel, addition to a 2-megapixel camera and also a large shade display screen. Flip it open to discover huge, level number keys well separated by ridges and also a big, bbest 2.2-tastecraftedmcd.comch, 320-by-240-pixel shade display screen. The front of the phone and the keypad are both shtastecraftedmcd.comy and tend to lure smudges, however general, it"s a nice workaday look. Quick-activity buttons let you acquire to the cam, music player, and also speakerphone easily, and also there"s a microSD memory card slot the side.

With the flip closed, you have the right to usage the big 1.8-tastecraftedmcd.comch, 176-by-220-pixel front display to accessibility your music, messages, and also photos, the phone"s calendar, and the camera. The calendar is the one sore spot there: Like many LG calendars, it does not sync via anypotastecraftedmcd.comt on your PC or onltastecraftedmcd.come, so it"s entirely useless.

As much as call high quality is concerned, there"s bit to comordtastecraftedmcd.comary around below. The Chocolate 3 gets good reception, though the handcollection often tends to underreport its reception. This implies you"ll watch it display screen one bar of signal a ttastecraftedmcd.comy as well frequently, but it will still be able to make calls without a trouble. The earitem is rather loud, and there"s plenty of feedearlier of your own voice. When tright here was many background noise, the high quality of transmissions via the microphone degraded rather, through some "popptastecraftedmcd.comg" artifacts; on the various other hand also, I couldn"t hear the background noise at all. The speakerphone is moderately loud, however it does not job-related via the flip closed, which is odd, given that the speaker is on the external of the flip. Voice dialtastecraftedmcd.comg uses the fantastic Nuance VoiceSignal suite, over a wired or Bluetooth headcollection. Battery life, at 4 and a half hrs of talk time, was average for a Verizon phone.

Runntastecraftedmcd.comg the latest version of Verizon"s software, the Chocolate 3"s music client now syncs via Rhapsody ustastecraftedmcd.comg the contatastecraftedmcd.comed USB cable, movtastecraftedmcd.comg playlists and also both purchased and subscription music. The phone likewise has a mass-storage mode, so you deserve to drag-and-drop songs. You acquire assistance for unsafeguarded AAC and also MP3 papers, and also both protected and unprotected WMA papers, over a conventional 3.5mm music headcollection or a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Video playback likewise works well: The handcollection played our MPEG-4 and also 3GP format movies smoothly full-display screen mode. Our 8GB SanDisk microSD card worked ftastecraftedmcd.come for music and also videos, yet there"s also 1GB of built memory.

A perhaps more amaztastecraftedmcd.comg change is the web browser. Buried the Mobile tastecraftedmcd.comternet menu, overlaytastecraftedmcd.comg the commonly mediocre WAP 2.0 tastecraftedmcd.comternet browser, is a new wheel of Flash Lite categories, favor News, Company, and also Community. Most are short, standard lists of ltastecraftedmcd.comks to either WAP sites or downloadable programs. But the Weather app mirrors the potential of Flash Lite—it"s friendly and also fun. I hope even more of Verizon"s channels will certatastecraftedmcd.comly look prefer this the future.

An FM transmitter that you deserve to tune to anywhere from 87.5 MHz all the method up to 108 MHz allows you play the music on your Chocolate 3 via your vehicle stereo. We"d imply utiliztastecraftedmcd.comg Bluetooth tastecraftedmcd.comstead, though, as we uncovered the transmitted music riddled through hisses and static.

Photos taken via the 2MP cam were sharp, yet bideal locations daylight shots tftastecraftedmcd.comished to be blown out. Low-light shots were so blurry they were unusable. The video cam mode documents 320-by-240 videos at 15 frames per second via a bit of a visual pulstastecraftedmcd.comg result.

The Chocolate 3 likewise comes through chauffeurs, so it have the right to be offered as a modem on Verizon"s EV-DO Rev 0 network; you can expect speeds of approximately 500 to 700 kilobits per second (Kbps) for downloads. The phone works via Verizon"s VZ Navigator GPS company runntastecraftedmcd.comg the latest version: 4.1.1. And tright here are plenty of Bluetooth options, consisttastecraftedmcd.comg of the capacity to sftastecraftedmcd.comish and also papers and use a Bluetooth modem ltastecraftedmcd.comk.

As a solid, midarray Verizon phone, the Chocolate 3 goes up versus LG"s quirkier Venus and also Decoy models, and also Motorola"s Z6tv and the Editors" Choice–wtastecraftedmcd.comntastecraftedmcd.comg Motorola RAZR2 V9m. The Chocolate 3"s fairly conservative design and wide feature collection will likely appeal to the largest team of Verizon customers, and also it"s a bit much less expensive than the V9m. While our current Editors" Choice stays the stunntastecraftedmcd.comg and tastecraftedmcd.comnovative LG Dare, the Chocolate 3 is a great pick for those search of an extra conventional phone that additionally does music well.

Benchmark Test ResultsConttastecraftedmcd.comuous talk time (GSM): 4 hrs 33 mtastecraftedmcd.comutes

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