Fighting other players in bag Mortys is the fastest and also only way to level up our stack in multiplayer. In the beginning, as soon as you space level 1, just a couple of wins are required to level up. However, the higher our rick level, the longer it bring away to boost our level again.

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But fighting various other players does no reward us v the very same amount of Exp every time, as it counts on the various other players’ level. If he is a higher level 보다 you, you will earn more Exp because that a win. If his level is reduced than yours, you will receive less Exp.

Note the you actually need to defeat at the very least one that the enemies Mortys, in order to get any Exp indigenous the fight! So, ns recommend catching some new Mortys and leveling them increase a bit prior to taking on various other players in multiplayer.

Method 2: keep up her win-streak


When you are prepared to take on other players, the is time come fight. By winning part battles in a row, the video game will rise your Exp multiplier because that each added win. This multiplier can be enhanced up to 5 times.

However, this win-streak multiplier is no permanent, as you will shed him totally when you cure Mortys in the Healing center or shed a struggle to one more player. To keep the win-streak up, you must buy and craft serums, and also halzinger, to revive and heal your team. Having items that regain AP of attacks is additionally recommended.

Note: want to learn an ext about bag Mortys? Make certain to examine out this write-up to learn every little thing you should know.

How come level Mortys in bag Mortys Fast?

Now that you know how you can level her Rick, having your Mortys top top a high level is quite essential. Friend know, the greater character level you have, girlfriend will gain matched with other players through the exact same level, or slightly below or above. This means, if friend level her Rick as well fast, girlfriend will acquire overwhelmed by various other players.

To avoid this common problem, you should level all of your Mortys equally, prefer in Pokemon. So, here are a couple of tips and also tricks to level increase Mortys fast!

Defeat stronger Mortys:


This go very similar to leveling our character. By defeating high-level Mortys, we deserve to earn a lot more Exp 보다 by beating low-level opponents. The great thing is the you can level Mortys every the time, as you have the right to simply take it on Wild Mortys, which deserve to be uncovered in every dimension roughly the map. Also, depending on which rank they have actually (rare, exotic, legendary), we can earn an ext Exp 보다 from common Mortys.

The fastest way to level up our team is to loss a player, as that has actually stronger Mortys. Beating a stronger Morty deserve to reward us through a substantial amount of Exp; however, that is more difficult to do so. Luckily, there is an item that can aid us out with this problem; the Mr. Meeseeks Box.

Using a Mr. Meeseeks Box throughout a fight, allows you to instantly loss a Morty, no matter how strong he is. You probably won’t gain loved for this move, yet it is an easy way to level increase Mortys quite fast.

Craft and use Level increase Mega Seeds:


Another necessary item the exists in bag Mortys space Level increase Mega Seeds, which us can also find in the campaign of bag Mortys. This specific seed deserve to be obtained by crafting, opening boxes, or purchasing majority from society Rick.

To handmade a Level increase Mega Seed, you must collect x1 assault Mega Seed, x1 Defense Mega Seed, and also x1 rate Mega Seed. In multiplayer, girlfriend can acquire these by completing everyday tasks, like recording some wild Mortys or winning battles.

If you have one of every kind, walk to a do Station and also use castle to handmade a Mega Seed. Now, you can use this seeds on one of your Mortys, to rise his level by one. You probably think that this is too lot work for just one level, however you have the right to collect them pretty quickly, to be honest.

Get brand-new Mortys:


This eventually sounds pretty weird in the beginning, yet let me present you. By leveling your Rick, you will not just unlock brand-new dimensions to visit, yet you can also get brand-new Mortys from club Rick. Depending upon your current player level, girlfriend can gain Mortys from a details level range, which increases over time.

It makes sense come buy brand-new Mortys from club Rick (5 ticket minimum are needed), to integrate them through your old team. For example, I’m now level 12, and also I can obtain 5 brand-new rare Mortys, each between level 23-25.

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Purchasing those packs saves you a many time, and you deserve to get an ext powerful Mortys in ~ the very same time. The would also say that you need to save tickets until you unlocked most of the dimensions, to increase the opportunity to gain one the the ideal Mortys for multiplayer.