Jesus said, “All the yousee below – the days will certainly come as soon as there will certainly not be left a rock upon anotherstone that will certainly not it is in thrown down.”
Itis not my intention right now to comment on the various merits and also demerits ofOCP or that any details song – however I will mention the stop of two hymns,not so lot to slam those hymns in particular, however rather as a means ofindicating the view many modern(ist) Catholics have concerning the 2nd coming.

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Atsome parishes in the unified States, the is still not unusual to hear: “Let usbuild the city of God, might our tears be turned into dancing!” or “Sing a newChurch into being, one in faith and also love and praise!” past the truth thatthese songs have a mystical capacity to revolve otherwise respectable adults into buffoons,their real hazard is in the theology which castle embody. These song (and otherslike them) room a deception of the Antichrist.
“TheAntichrist’s deception currently begins to take shape in the world every time theclaim is make to realize within history that messianic hope which can only berealized beyond background through the eschatological judgment” (CCC 676).
Thefirst sin of the human race was an effort to grasp immortality, to achieve tothe glory of heaven by man’s very own power. Again, guys attempted to develop the cityof God once they began to construct the tower of Babel. Yet Christ has told usthat the Kingdom will not come with the powers (or also the virtues) the man,but native the judgment of God. The Lord will come not when the Church is in ~ herstrongest, but when she is weakest, when she is nearing annihilation, when sheis most in require of she Savior.
Itis one of the good heresies of our day that man can perfect himself and cansave the human being himself. Whether this be expressed as a politics party (e.g.Communism), or a spiritual movement (e.g. Liberation Theology), or anindividual job-related (e.g. Pelagianism) – the Church has always insisted thatsalvation does not come through human works, however through the grace and also the powerof Jesus Christ.
TheCatechism that the Catholic Church tells united state that this movement inward (toward theself or toward society), this forgetfulness the God, is the rule deceptionof the Antichrist. Satan’s ancient temptation will be renewed in the final days– that will try to deceive man right into thinking that he have the right to save himself, the willtell us that we can construct the city that God and also that we have the right to sing heaven intoexistence top top earth.
“Thekingdom will certainly be fulfilled, then, no by a historical triumph of the Churchthrough a progressive ascendancy, yet only by God’s win over the finalunleashing of evil, which will reason his Bride to come under from heaven” (CCC677).
Christtells us that the finish of time will certainly come only once every rock has to be castdown, when countries are in tumult, when the planet is shaken, and when every whofollow him are hated. Then, in the blink of an eye, the Savior will return andwill judge every peoples. In various other words, the 2nd is not a reward because that goodbehavior; it is no the logical fulfillment of human being progress – rather, the parousia is rather the antithesis ofhuman progress.
Inthis respect the second coming is not unlike the first, because that we choose sheep hadgone astray. First, the Lord involved seek and to save what was lost. Next, hewill come not to conserve the lost, however to damage his enemies and also to redeem hisholy people. Just as the world did nothing to merit the Incarnation, no willthe civilization merit the second coming.
Andyet, we have to not fear; for the Lord has promised, “Not a hair on her head willbe destroyed.” And, “By your perseverance you will secure your lives.”
Posted byFather Ryan Erlenbush



Timely, Spirit-driven column. Maintaining in psychic lex orendi, lex credendi, if St. Augustine is right and singing is praying twice, we're in real trouble. These. Ours youth massive sings these songs, and others, equally horrendous -truly frightening.

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November 13, 2010 at 1:25 PM

David Lambsaid...

I think that you're too fast to provide a damning interpretation. If there's a theological basis for calling us "workers in the Lord's vineyard" climate why not prolong the an allegory to "builders that God's city"? Why is this no permitted?