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Type in a tune number or expression to find for a song. You can search making use of transliteration right into western characters, or utilizing language-specific characters. You deserve to use the * character as a wildcard zb har*heral, or . To represent a solitary character eg Click the dropdown to view the many advanced filters available.

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Do you desire to re-superstructure a copy that the set, or a live collection which just you have the right to make changes to and will automatically update for everyone when you make changes (if connected to the internet)?

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Here space all the song in your praise set. You have the right to reorder them by dragging top top the reorder icon next to every song, or eliminate them by click the overcome icon.

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Let united state adore (Let us adore)The ever-living God (the ever-living God)And render praise (and render praise)unto the (unto Him)Who spread out the Heavens (Who spread out out theHeavens)And created the planet (and established the earth)And who glory (and whose glory)Is revealed in the Heavens over (in the heavens above)And whose greatness (and who Greatness)Is manifest throughout every the EarthHe is our GodThere is none else !You are Godthere is none like You! Niebezpieczny to stanJezus żyjeStvoř ve mně srdce čistéswf ạ̉nsy̱Небо в вышине как стремлюсь к тебеDalam Badai HidupkuSen Bizim Kralımızsınقومي يا مصر واستنيريCerco di trovare le paroleLodo Te

You have the right to see chords and also transpose if you have set the "Show Chords" setting. If there is sheet music you can click the button to move to it. As soon as the paper music is mirroring you can short press/click it to play/pause, and long press/right click come play from the beginning. In ~ the optimal you deserve to click v to different language version of the track if there space any. You have the right to listen come the MP3s. Also, you can add this track to a set so the you have the right to use it more easily during a prayer time.