So you’ve made it to your first cruiser level. This is not a suitable begin, yet you take what you get. You’ll be racing using Anakin’s Pod, trying to beat every one of the other rivals in order to end the level. This being your initially time, it’ll absolutely take some getting used to, and might also take a lengthy time for you to lastly beat (I remember exactly how long it took me my initially time and it truly is frustrating). With many cruiser levels, you have the right to conveniently find Canisters by shooting anywhere and also all over till you’ve hit something, however given that this is a race, you’ll need to find them the old-fashioned way: by running into them. When I initially started going ago to collect Canisters, my strategy was always to just hit everything and also inevitably somepoint will happen. However, if you use that strategy now, explaining wright here the Canisters actually are might be a little challenging. Bear through me as I try my ideal to explain.

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My advice if you’re simply trying to beat it and aren’t worrying around the Canisters is to organize in the forward button the entirety time. Use the rise pads to your advantage, as they have actually no result on the other rivals in the race. Also, take as little damages as possible, because dying will certainly definitely slow-moving you down. Tright here is a space at one allude wright here Tusken Raiders will be shooting at you. For the a lot of component, their aim isn’t the finest, so don’t concern also much around this and simply try to prevent whatever shots you see coming at you. In the second in the time of this location, you’ll also need to navigate roughly the boulders while avoiding the shots. Really, it sounds a lot even more hard than it is. You’ll ultimately obtain supplied to it and also be able to fly via the level through no problem.

I’m combining the First Time and Free Play parts for this one, and placing it into the style of the Challenge part, considering that there is only one Canister you’ll have to come back on Free Play to gain, which calls for a TIE Fighter. This Canister is the fourth on this list, so you understand not to save playing this level over and over because you can’t obtain the third Canister. The Canisters look a lot various than what you’ll check out in a regular level; in the cruiser levels, they look prefer white rings. They are, however, the precise same point.

The first Canister is right after the second increase pads.You need to have the ability to see this Canister to the best of 2 boost pads close to wright here the previous Canister was.Stay left in the location through all of the holes and you’re most likely to run right into the Power Brick – Power Brick Detector.This is the Canister that calls for a TIE Fighter to obtain. Althe majority of instantly after the Power Brick, you’ll check out a black ramp to the ideal. Head up the ramp to discover the Canister.You’ll enter a cave via pink crystals all over the floor. The Canister is in the middle of this cave and also, unmuch less you intentionally swerve to avoid it, you must run right into it automatically.In the location with the Tusken Raiders, the Canister is on the left between 2 increase pads.Right after exiting the area via the Tusken Raiders, there will certainly be a line of poles. The Canister is ideal after the last pole.A little bit bit after the previous Canister, you’ll come to a room with lots of archmeans rocks. This Canister is inside one of these to the best.Not long after the previous Canister, after 2 increase pads.In the middle of a mostly empty canyon, you’ll check out a row of poles and some boost pads on the left. Skip over this one and head towards the one a small even more up on the best. The Canister is appropriate after the poles.On your third lap, this Canister will be lying in the middle of the track near the begin of the lap, just prior to the canyon with the craters.

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In Challenge mode, the level plays as usual, yet you have to collect ten blue Canisters prior to your time limit of ten minutes runs out. The level will end as shortly as you collect the final Canister. These are not uncovered in the same locations as the white Canisters of constant gameplay, yet are as follows:

You’ll see the initially Canister as the countdown starts. Hold in the switch to go right as shortly as you take off, and also you need to get this one.The next Canister is lying in the middle of the canyon, appropriate before the initially boost pad.After the drop-off, you’ll enter a room via lots of craters. This Canister is toward the left, alongside a crater.Go up the TIE ramp.When you enter the cave, the Canister is lying towards the ideal.When you enter the area via the Tusken Raiders, stay to the appropriate and you should run right right into this one.Almost automatically after the previous location, you’ll need to go through some archway rocks. The Canister is inside the archmeans on the best.Before you enter the empty canyon, you’ll discover a Canister lying in the middle of the track.Stay to the ideal while riding through the empty canyon, and also you’ll discover it before some boost pads.This one is best before the end up line, after a line of poles.