Legends that the Dark article #5 is a single issue story penned by Brandon Thomas and drawn through Giannis Milonogiannis special a team up in between Batman and also Martian Manhunter as they investigate a series of crime centered around the Martian alphabet.


Instead the showcasing much more murders and crimes, thomas chooses to have Bruce and also J’onn re-examine the past crimes that collection Batman ~ above the follow of this mysterious Martian utilizing criminal. I really choose the style he chooses to do it in too, J’onn examines the crime scene in Bruce’s memories, and can walk through them prefer they just occurred, instead of having actually happened end a duration of time. The is a clever means to display a series of crime that taken place over months and keep the investigation going.

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While I enjoyed a the majority of this story, the interactions between Bruce and J’onn, the investigation, and the idea of searching down a killer utilizing the Martian alphabet, in general the story feels prefer it’s lacking something. I stated the unstable transitions, however the biggest trouble is the it feels prefer we’re constantly catching up to every little thing in this story. It opens in the center of one investigation, we’re given half of Bruce’s conversation with J’onn, we’re no told they’re investigate in Bruce’s mind until later–everything acts prefer it needs to be a surprise reveal instead of just being component of the story and part of exactly how these two connect with every other. It’s these type of tiny things that pulled the problem down in general.


The activity is well done as well. There’s rather a little bit of it through the story and often Milonogiannis chooses to execute some clever points with the visuals. Among my favorite shots is also from the opening pages, as Batman sends out a batarang bouncing across the blimp’s interior to cost-free the hostages, it’s a cool visual scene v some an excellent little ‘clang’ lettering native Deron Bennett.


That said, there room a couple areas where things feel a small sloppy. Usually I don’t mind an odd panel here or there, however it acquired so distracting right here I have actually to allude it out. I’m especially talking around the scene wherein J’onn mirrors up. He is fighting turn off an alien, and also through the struggle the arts gets less and also less clear and more almost rushed feeling. While I get the stretchy, form changing, nature that Martians, some of these panels are simply a small too messy. Especially when it’s not just J’onn and the alien looking off.

The finishing wraps points up in a fun way that is both interesting and not what i was expecting. We acquire to watch Batman and Martian Manhunter fighting together, and it’s a genuine treat as they job-related hand in hand to avoid the threat. It to be exciting enough to height off the whole concern in a method that i really enjoyed!

Recommended If

Batman and also Martian Manhunter is a team increase you likeMysteries that take 2 to deal with are funYou’re searching for a rapid enjoyable read


This worry of Legends of the Dark Knight wasn’t perfect, however it was enjoyable. That tackles an interesting mystery and pairs up two characters I love see interact: Batman and Martian Manhunter. The arts is lovely, and also just a many fun to reap as friend read. If you want a pretty one off mystery this is a great read to pick up.

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Score: 6/10

DISCLAIMER: DC Comics provided Batman News through a copy the this comic because that the objective of this review.