This is the walkthrough for the 3rd dungeon in The Legend the Zelda: web links Awakening (Remake) because that the Nintendo Switch. Check out on to see how to reach this dungeon, resolve the dungeon"s puzzles, and defeat the bosses come beat this dungeon.

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Getting to key Cavern

Getting to an essential Cavern Objectives

No. Objective 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Go come Mabe village to return BowWow, and also buy a shovel from the shop.
Go to Richard"s Villa in Ukuku Prairie and also speak with him about the Slime Key.
Win the Yoshi Doll from Trendy Game.
Trade it come the Quadruplets" mother because that a Ribbon.
Trade the Ribbon come CiaoCiao in ~ BowWow"s residence for Dog Food.
Go come Toronbo Shores and also trade the Dog Food through Sale because that Bananas.
Trade the Bananas come Kiki the monkey near Kanelet lock to be provided a course in.
Kill the foolish Bomber because that Golden sheet 1.
Kill the crow close to the west wall surface for Golden sheet 2.
Defeat the Darknuts that show up after beginning Kanelet Caste because that Golden sheet 3.
Bomb the left Darknut in the left wall surface after going up the stairs and also defeat it because that Golden leaf 4.
Continue v the castle up to the Ball and Chain Solider. Defeat him to achieve Golden sheet 5.
Return come Richard"s Villa. Provide him the golden Leaves for access to Pothole Field.
Make your way around Pothole Field and dig in fron the the Owl statue because that the Slime Key. Unlock an essential Cavern and go around to enter.

After exiting the party Grotto, head south and use your new lifting strength to pick up and throw the rocks blocking your path. Return towards Mabe Village. Follow me the way, you have the right to stop through the Mysterious forest for a few pick ups.

Item volume Upgrade


Lifting a absent in this corner (south that the eastern forest entrance) will disclose a flight of stairs. In this room over there is one unlit torch. You recognize the drill, throw some magic flour in it. An upset Li"l Devil will certainly come out and curse you with the ability to carry much more equipment (how awful...). At an initial he will sell to upgrade your Magic flour capacity, yet answering "N-No" to his concern will make him sell to upgrade her Bomb capacity instead. Speak "N-No" once much more will do him market to upgrade your arrow capacity. After that, he will certainly recycle till you to speak yes to one of his questions, so choose the item volume you desire upgraded and leave (even though you might not have bombs or arrows yet, you have the right to upgrade their capacity).

Secret Medicine

Going ideal from the witch"s hut and also jumping end the hole, then relocating the boulder just north will lead friend to stunner Tracy"s house. For precisely 28 rupees, she will certainly rub her secret medicine top top you, i beg your pardon restores your hearts as soon as you run out. Specifically now, while you do not have plenty of hearts, this medicine is an extremely useful.

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Piece of love #8


Stepping external of Tracy"s house and going right will lead you to an area with countless crows and also trees (North of the Cemetary). Watch the end for the killing of crows swooping down at friend here. You have the right to jump end the holes here to obtain Piece of heart #8.