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It has actually undoubtedly revolutionised our lives, however newly, the reputation of scientific research - and its function - have been dubbed into question: from issues around genetically modified foods items, to fears about the breakthrough of biological weapons....


Yet simply over 2 centuries back, scientists were viewed in a very various light - thinkers throughout Europe started to put reason at the heart of all controversy, and to check out experience and trial and error, not got wisdom, as the vital to expertise. The age was dubbed the Enlightenment: so what was its legacy?

For this week"s Big Inquiry, Emma Joseph travels to Paris and also looks back even more than 2 hundred years to an age that adjusted the means we watch our civilization. At the Palace of Versailles, Emma takes part in an experiment herself - re-enacting the flight that sent the first mammals into the air, in the footprocedures of the Montgolfier Brothers.

The advance of the Sciences as distinctive self-controls in the time of the Enlightenment witnessed the teachings of the Romale Catholic Church undermined by brand-new discoveries. This was what came to be recognized as the Period of Enlightenment

Emma meets a scientific research chronicler from the Sorbonne, Dr Pietro Corsi, at Le Jardin des Plantes, the the majority of vital European botanical garden of its time. They check out the role of the early naturalists and also the advancement of political disagreements based on these brand-new means of reasoning.

Emma joins Knowledge experienced, Frederic Castel, at the Pantheon, the last resting place of the good and also the excellent of France - consisting of the theorists Voltaire and also Rousseau, whose thoughts and beliefs were basic in affecting Modern French background.

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So, just how has the public perception of scientific research and also researchers changed in France given that the Enlightenment? To talk about this, Emma talks to Paul Tapponnier - Professor Of Geology at the University Pierre and Marie Curie.

This edition of The Big Inquiry was first broadcast on 1st May, 2004

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