In the mr of the ring film, walk the scene wherein Sméagol/Gollum claims to himself:

"leave now and also never come back"

appear all over in the books?


No, it was not.

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First, the full monologue, courtesy the Nilmandra that the board of directors of Elrond forums and also reformatted by

Gollum / Smeagol: We desires it. We needs it. Must have actually the precioussss. Lock stole the from us. Sneaky small hobbitsesss. Wicked, trickssssy, falssse! No! not Master. Yes, precious. False. They will cheat you, pains you, lie. Master’s mine friend. (taunting) You don’t have any friends. No one likes YOU.(starts come cry and also whimper) Go away. walk away! (cackles) Hahahahaha! (cries, whispering) I dislike you, I dislike you. (fiercely) where would you be without me? Gollum, Gollum. I conserved us. It to be me. We survived because of me! (resolute) not anymore. (surprised) What did you say? Master look at after united state now. We don’t require you. What? leaving now and also never come back. No!!! (louder) Leave now and never come back! (bares teeth, growling)Arghhhh! leaving NOW and also NEVER COME BACK. (Smeagol pants and looks around for Gollum) We... Us told him to walk away! and away he goes, preciousss. (dances around, happily) Gone, gone, gone! Smeagol is free!

This occurs quickly after Sam and also Frodo discover Gollum, throughout a random night top top the Marshes. The implication, provided later scenes, is the Gollum does have a legitimate crisis of, and adjust in conscience if he"s helping Frodo and also Sam.

But in the book, that"s not that case and this monologue never ever happens as it is. Instead, parts of this monologue space an amalgam the a couple of Gollum monologues in the book, and other parts—like the "leave now and also never come back" part—is made up specifically for the adaptation.

The two component monologues come indigenous two totally different scenes. The very first one wake up in "The Taming of Sméagol" as soon as Frodo and also Sam establish it"s Gollum who"s been complying with them v the Dead Marshes, and just prior to Gollum realizes he"s been made:

He was gaining lower now and the hisses became sharper and also clearer. "Where iss it, whereby iss it: my precious, mine precious? It"s ours, it is, and we wants it. The thieves, the thieves, the filthy tiny thieves. Where space they through my precious? Curse them! We hates them."

The second occurrs numerous chapters later in "The Forbidden Pool" as soon as Anborn and also Frodo attempt to catch Gollum:

Fissh, pretty fissh. White confront has actually vanished, my precious, at critical yes. Now we can eat in peace. No, not in peace, precious. For precious is lost; yes. Dirty hobbits, nasty hobbits. Gone and left us, gollum; and also Precious is gone. Only negative Sméagol all alone. No Precious. Nasty Men, they"ll take it it, they"ll steal mine Precious. Thieves. We no them. Fissh, nice fissh. <...>

So that went on, almost as unceasing together the waterfall, only interrupted by a faint noise the slavering and gurgling. Frodo shivered, listening v pity and disgust. That wished it would certainly stop, and also that the never require hear the voice again.

Shown here, Gollum isn"t weighing Precious versus his friends, the Hobbits. Rather, his only friend is Precious. He"s annoyed the the Hobbits left him just insofar together they took valuable with them.

Shortly after this, Frodo attempts to gain Gollum to go v him, however Gollum will not at first:

"Come, Sméagol!" stated Frodo. "We are in danger. Males will kill you, if they uncover you here. Come quickly, if you great to to escape death. Concerned Master!"

"No!" claimed the voice. "Not quite Master. Leaves bad Sméagol and goes with brand-new friends. Master can wait. Sméagol hasn"t perfect ."

Immediately, Gollum changes his tune once he knows someone"s listening, yet even currently he doesn"t listen to Frodo, until:

"Sméagol!" claimed Frodo desperately. "Precious will be angry. I shall take Precious, and I shall say: make him sloop down bones and also choke. Never taste fish again. Come, priceless is waiting!"

There to be a sharp hiss. Presently out of the darkness Gollum came crawling on every fours, prefer an erring dog dubbed to heel. <...>

"Nice Master!" the whispered. "Nice hobbit, come earlier to negative Sméagol. An excellent Sméagol comes."

The movie replaces this scene through one wherein lovable Gollum is playing in the pool and also singing without a care in the world, however the mean men brutally catch him.

But Gollum doesn"t care at all about, and has no situation of conscience about Frodo. He only cares so lot as the is the present holder of the Ring. If that wasn"t convinced Frodo had it, or he wasn"t aware anyone to be around, his default state is resentment merely due to the fact that someone else has actually the Ring and he walk not.

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The movie, that course, changed that an ideas likely to make Gollum seem more likable. To that point, it"s worth noting the in the book, Frodo trusts Gollum as lot as Sam does, and does no rebuke Sam because that being average to Gollum or turn him away, leaving Sam come fend for himself, when Sam overhears Gollum"s plan. Rather,

Frodo and also Sam both make it to Shelob"s Lair together, wherein Gollum lastly reveals what he was attempting to do.