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Could you mark your ar in your favorite harry Potter publication with a item of a soul? If the books are as gorgeous together the ones made by PeskyCat Papercraft, a.k.a. Meg Krampf, then ns say yes, please! She changed a paperback box collection of J.K. Rowling’s magical series into leatherbound pieces of art and did so without using a spell. She had me at leatherbound, however the books likewise feature wands ~ above the spines, stamped copper plates, and also removable horcruxes–you have the right to pop the end each the Voldemort’s horcruxes and use them as bookmarks. I’m pretty sure Meg is a Ravenclaw due to the fact that this idea is the many clever.

She said the project has actually been on her workbench since before Thanksgiving. I’m no surprised it’s take away this lengthy to complete the set. Meg began the project by having her neighborhood print shop remove the spines prior to she rebound them with the dual fan method and made covers indigenous acid cost-free chipboard and black lambskin leather. The bookmarks and also wands to be purchased indigenous Amazon. She produced insets in the former cover because that the horcrux bookmarks and secured them with magnets.
And that’s not all! Meg’s client,Âvisual.destini, draft endpages for every the books. Meg matched the colors of the endpapers to the colour of the spines ~ above the original paperbacks. You have the right to see among them in the gallery below and also another on Imgur.This collection of bother Potter publications was sold on eBay v proceeds going to a charity the the buyer’s choosing, however Meg has an Etsy store.

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She’s apparently received a ton the messages around how to order a collection of the horcrux books and is functioning on a means to boost her stock. Possibly she’ll begin selling single books, too? You have the right to grab her call information from Etsy and also reach the end if you desire to actors a spell and also call these gorgeous tomes to her doorstep.Which horcrux is her favorite–you know, putting aside the idea that horcruxes space evil and also awful? tell me in the comments.–HT: RedditIMAGES: PeskyCat Papercraft