Exit the MOR and go around the external of the following room until it goes key black and also you check out a shadow of a rocking horse. Go within the center and turn ~ above the lamp. Then wait for the commotion to end and exit through the door in between the lamp and also the chair. Exit an additional door through "Restless memories" scribbled above it. Continue until you view a hallway through a door on the left. This door is the opposite a bookshelf. Go in and check the much drawer to find M#10. Leave this room and go left v the next door. Girlfriend will see the ghost in ~ the other finish of the room. Regrettably you need to grab a snapshot near her, alongside a candle. Girlfriend can run and also grab M#11 prior to she gets you, but if you walk too far you will die. Do this quickly and run back.

Exit this hall, and also in the following room, grab the crucial from the heap of rubble ~ above the floor. Unlock the following door and continue. Go under the narrow path until you reach the room v the "Cat/Dog/Rat" keep in mind on the side. Take a look in ~ this note for a second. The will be a picture of either a cat, a dog, or a rat over each word. Whichever pet has the picture, you should follow the 3 lines associated with it to get a 3 number code. Usage this code to leave the door. Proceed until you"re clogged by debris. Turn approximately until a shining door opens. Don"t go v yet. Instead, keep transforming again until another mystery path appears. There will certainly be a white rat in front of a bunch of floating paintings. Go down this path and through the door. Inspect the drawers under the alcohol rack because that R#13. Unfortunately, M#12 calls for you to go with the glowing door I previously mentioned. You have actually two choices here. One of two people quit and also resume and work your method back come this area to acquire M#12, or just do this on an additional play through. Because that M#12, go v the bright door and also check the small table because that the note. Either course will command you come the very same area anyway.

When you gain to the area v floorboard and parts the the wall missing, check the wall on the right to uncover R#14. Over there is likewise a candle in this area. Continue until you reach the area after the doors slam in your face. In the really next room will be a note to the left the the couch. This is M#13. In the next room, examine the chest on the ideal hand side because that W#18. Then walk over to the huge painting. ~ it moves back, turn approximately to find the very same painting. Keep turning again until there are four paintings of eye looking at you. Simply wait till you wake up up after the quick event. As soon as you wake up, exit, and also you"ll it is in in TJ. Go to the right and also in the door, inspect the back of the paint to uncover R#15. Revolve around and also go with the right door. In the following hall will certainly be a minor jump scare. Proceed on into the room with red organic issue on a painting. Watch on a small table nearby for W#19. Leaving this room and when you gain into the next hall, stop. Go gradually forward till you watch "Don"t look Back" over the door. Carry out as it claims for a bonus achievement. Continue on v the door without transforming to receive:

Instinct of self-preservationHeeded the warning


1 guide

In the next room, traction the chain 3 times then go v the next door. Continue until you obtain to TJ, walk forward, and also check the floor for W#20. Departure TJ and go wait over by the lamp. Activate it and also you"ll view a shadow in the room. Wait because that it to pass and go end to the door and also activate the lightswitch. It will disclose a new door. JSA upon opening this door. After the scare, walk over to the fireplace to uncover W#21. Leave the room and also pull the elevator bar either way. If you traction it come the right, over there is a run Scare. If you pull it left, skip till ** If you traction it come the right, you"ll end up in a room surrounding by cells. Pull every the doors until they room all stuck. Then look up.

**When you wake up up, leave the room and open the chest in the room to discover W#22. Leave the room, then in the following hall, check the windowsill to the left for W#23. Proceed until you uncover yourself in her office. Walk over and open the drawer on the ideal hand next of the desk. Wait because that the room to light up a bit, then turn and also look in ~ the painting. The will have actually a password on it. Go over to the single bookshelf and also pull among the publications away come activate a mystery door. Choose up the phone, and then type the code 911 for

It was worth a tryDialed 911


1 guide

Afterwards, type the password you just uncovered into the phone, utilizing

. After that, go earlier into the office and look up. Wait because that the baby to scream, climate go earlier to wherein the secret phone simply was. Go with the corridor until you reach the ledge. Gradually go to the left until you discover an opening with a phone. Prize it, climate turn back and wait for the bookshelf to fall to the ground. Look at down and also you"ll see the code. Placed this right into the phone. Exit and continue follow me the ledge until you discover a phone within a small room. Answer it, and also then go back out and look across to watch a cabinet open and also a doll fall. Use that password on the phone. After this, revolve around and also go throughout the bridge till the telephone ahead falls. Then go earlier the way you came till you yourself fall. ~ waking up in her office, answer the phone, and also then wait for the telephone to melt. After ~ this, interact with the melted call to choose up the next piece. After ~ the dialogue, leave the room, and also then add the item to the canvas.

Chapter 5 done!

Chapter 5 Collectibles (13 in total):

Memento #10 (Note starts with "June 17, He"s on about those damn rats again!") - after ~ the occasion in which you are stuck in a tiny room with 4 doors and a grand clock smashing, exit and also continue till you see a hallway through a door ~ above the left. This door is opposite a bookshelf. Walk in and also check the much drawer to find this one.

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Memento #11 (Picture of home with a lady standing in ~ door) - right after previous, this one is on the soil in the following hall. Be cautious though. The wife ghost is in this hall. You can run and also grab the note prior to she gets you, yet if you go too far you will certainly die. Do this quickly and run back.

Rat drawing #13 and Memento #12 ("Plague Breeder" and Note that starts with "July 19, judging by the silence..." respectively) once you reach the Cat/Dog/Rat puzzle, finish the puzzle and also exit. Proceed until you acquire blocked by debris. Keep turning until a bright door opens. Don"t go with yet. Instead, keep turning again until another secret path appears. There will certainly be a white rat in front of a bunch the floating paintings. Go down this path and also through the door. Check the drawers under the wine rack because that R#13. Regrettably M#12 calls for you come go through the glowing door I previously mentioned. You have two choices here. Either quit and also resume and also work your way back come this area to gain M#12, or simply do this on an additional play through. Because that M#12, go through the shining door and check the little table because that the note. Either route will lead you to the very same area anyway.

Rat drawing #14 ("Floor Creepers") In this next room, there will certainly be floorboards absent and feet in the wall surface everywhere. Over there will likewise be a candle ~ above the other side. Examine the wall surface on the ideal hand next to find this.

Memento #13 (Note starts through "March 23, It"s been a while...") ~ going through the doors the slam in your face, in the following room will be a keep in mind to the left the the couch.

Word #18 (Dog Muzzle) - In the really next room, with the large painting ~ above the various other side, inspect the chest come the right.

Rat illustration #15 ("Canvas Crawlers") - after ~ waking up, you"ll find yourself in TJ again. Go to the right and also check the back of the painting.

Word #19 (Alcohol bottle) - ~ the room v blood dripping native the walls, you"ll view a room through a paint covered in strange organic matter. Examine the little table beside it.

Word #20 (Pile of paint brushes) - when you next acquire to TJ, walk forward and also check the floor.

Word #21 (Paint pallet) - after leaving TJ, you"ll find yourself in a room v an upside down painting. Check the fireplace for this one.

Word #22 (Clock) - later on on, after ~ leaving the elevator/waking up after the cabinet sequence, you"ll be in a tiny room with a chest in it. Open up the chest to find this one.

Word #23 (Small mirror/makeup thingymabob o_O) - after leaving the abovementioned room, check the windowsill come the left.

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