I"m functioning on creating a record on Latex and I"m gaining Misplaced alignment tab character & error in one equation. I couldn"t resovle the problem. Have the right to you call me what"s wrong with the table?

eginequation wscore(w_i)= left{ beginarrayl l 1 & extif , (w_i in DKW) land (w_i otin FW)\ 0 & extif , (w_i otin DKW) lor (w_i in FW)\ endarray ight. endequationI acquire Misplaced alignment tab character & error.

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There is a absent before beginarray

Unrelated to the problem, but better not write totality words like wscore in math italic, the kerning will be completely messed up

documentclassarticleusepackagemathtoolsegindocumenteginequation mathrmwscore(w_i)= left{ eginarrayll 1 & extif , (w_i in DKW) land (w_i otin FW)\ 0 & extif , (w_i otin DKW) lor (w_i in FW)\ endarray ight. endequationenddocument



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Sublime and also Python: exactly how to usage Python Plugin to create neat equations from scientific Workplace in Latex

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