Founded in 1872, university is a co-educational, state-assisted, comprehensive, regional, four-year university in Greenwood, S.C. With around 3,500 students, provides exceptional educational methods within its traditional liberal arts and science programs, and also its experienced programs in business, education and nursing.

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As a state university, is administer by a plank of Trustees, and also day-to-day operations are guided by a dynamic management team created of the President and also members the the President’s Cabinet. Dr. Richard E. Cosentino is the current and 12th president of University.

Mission,Vision& strategy Plan

With a concise vision, a powerful mission and a bold strategic plan, university is preparing superior students for effective futures.

Offices & Departments is written of seven significant administrative divisions, housing much more than 30 offices and departments that support the everyday operations and strategic mission that the university.

Working in ~

The campus is a close-knit ar of specialists who job-related together toward the same goal – providing the finest educational experience for the university’s students. Learn more about ours employment opportunities and also discover the benefits of gift a part of the team.

The Foundation

With the generous support of alumni and also friends, The structure is help to ensure the deserving students obtain the scholarship assistance needed to endure an education that important goes beyond the basics.

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History that

From its start as a university for ladies to that is current duty as a public, co-educational, considerable teaching institution, has a rich background of offer the educational needs of a varied student population.