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----------------------------------------I'm glad they are providing Darkness (my favorite in the show) a opportunity to shine. Even though she sucks at combat. Funny to view Aqua and also Megumin fighting the Destroyer Monster Fortress as well with the design template song.. What a team and huge explosion LOL.7.5/10, much far better than I had actually originally expected.

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bye bye best comedy of this seasonhopefully season 2 is announced soon it has actually the sales for it and also deen has actually the monitor record
Season 2 evidenced at the end card.
https://twitter.com/konosubaanime/status/710141918613639168other 보다 the truth that this acquired a 2nd season, this likewise the very first time in years that DEEN lastly got requested to do a sequel.Which is very rare because that the studio, and also finally got things appropriate that the publisher wants to continue it.Congrats come Deen, anyway.
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SEASON 2 FUCKING CONFIRMED!!!!https://twitter.com/konosubaanime/status/710141918613639168Edit: got ninja'd however who the posesthe cares. Based Deen delivers
Z4k said:SEASON 2 FUCKING CONFIRMED!!!!https://twitter.com/konosubaanime/status/710141918613639168Edit: got ninja'd but who the fuck cares. Based Deen delivers
FUCK YESSSSSSThis collection deserves it because 10 illustration was method too brief to start with....Great fucking series and ns can't wait to see more8/10 for me
- literally my expression after that Aqua finish card the a season 2 confirmed.The computer animation on those spells tho.SOLID 10/10 for me!now us all it is in like

Pretty "satisfying" and funny episode. Still, because that a final episode it in which method feels like "whoa" rather than "bwaah!!".Considering that last scene, guess it's no wonder it'll "need" 2nd season. Kazuma still gained his "debt" and mind end his "previous" life.
Amazing episode and amazing series.9/10Wtf? Season 2? Didn't expect it tbh. Now I expect they will certainly put more effort in the animation.

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YES! 2nd SEASON evidenced (though when will it come out?)!This episode was a great end to the very first season. Lol "the stunner one". Lol, Darkness revealed her actual name, i beg your pardon is the name being offered for she MAL database XD. She originates from a rich household O_O. "Lalatina" XD. Lol at Megumin gift scared! Lol, the parodied fatality flag cliches XD. "Yes, I'm Kazuma" even in the critical episode. Lol in ~ the succubus part XD. The CGI for the monster was it s okay I guess. Lol, that old male that passed away was retarded af! that sucking it the end was hilarious XD. Lol, Megumin accusing Kazuma as a sexual harasser!5/5
Ended up yes, really enjoying this collection a lot much more than I thought I would. The animation was fresh and it had solid comedy. Can't wait because that the OVA and the second season! 8/10.
Well then...quite the...explosive finale, heh heh. Well done Megumin, and also well done everyone! This was one of my best surprises of this winter season. Waaaay earlier when I read a few of the manga chapters even prior to an anime adaptation had actually been announced, I assumed it was just ok. Well ns guess seeing it animated made a large difference. I believed this was repetitively funny and entertaining throughout its run, with a lovably quirky actors of characters, and even some pretty hard fanservice thrown it. On that note of course i loved Darkness, whose actual name we ultimately learned, and her big, beautiful tits best, however all the girls to be great. I honestly never ever expected this to rotate out so good, but it did. I was legitimately sad to learn it would have a just 10 episodes. The 2nd season is fine deserved, 8/10. :)