The 3rd sibling collection to make their method to the Koffee with Karan couch, Shahid Kapoor and also Ishaan Khatter’s candid chat had them talking around family, work and exes

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When you have Karan Johar running the ship, it is without doubt all about loving her family. It should come as tiny surprise then, the familial bonhomie has arised as the triumphant design template of the ongoing season that Koffee with Karan, with numerous celebrity brother gracing the couch. Debutante Janhvi and Arjun Kapoor were thrived by the funny trio of Sonam, Rhea and Harshvardhan Kapoor, and also the recent outing that the frank chat display had Shahid Kapoor and also Ishaan Khatter acquisition the mic. Pull in a coordinated monochrome palette, the freewheeling chat had actually the brothers dropping their guard for a rarely peek into their lives. From navigating celebrity exes to the million dollar are-they-aren't-they question around Janhvi and Khatter's dating life, below are the top 5 moments indigenous the episode that'll monopolise the conversation in ~ your next coffee break:

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Shahid Kapoor on dealing with celebrity exes

The calendar year may have actually changed, but the marathon that celebrity weddings in 2018 is still an extremely much ~ above everyone's minds. Having tied the knot v Mira Kapoor in 2015, Shahid had plenty of marital relationship tips to dole out. His optimal advice because that Nick Jonas? "Never back down, buddy. You're with the initial desi girl." that went on to recognize that he had actually bumped into Kareena Kapoor khan at an occasion in the past, and she had wished the well for his marriage.

Shahid on alters after marriage

The dad of 2 went on to recognize that he had come to be something the a society recluse short article marriage. “My relationship status with most of the sector is zilch. Ever since I obtained married, I have literally not had a social life. I don't recognize if that's a great thing, I probably think it's a really poor thing. I was a recluse anyway, and now i am so right into my children that every time I complete shooting, ns am only with them,” he admitted.

Ishaan Khatter on taking care of audience reactions

The eve of Khatter's large ticket foray into mainstream Bollywood cinema to be peppered v presumptions indigenous diehard pan of Sairaat, which served as the premise because that its Hindi remake, Dhadak. This settled to be a blessing, and otherwise together well. The young 23-year-old divulged the polar reactions he got for his performance in Dhadak; “A many of world who had seen Sairaat felt it to be a gimmicky remake of the film. But there were additionally people who had actually had at first felt the it wouldn't live up to the original film, however were pleasantly surprised.”

Ishaan Khatter ~ above (not) date Janhvi Kapoor

Throw with each other two good looking debutants, and also speculation is bound to fly. Lastly clearing the air, the Dhadak star announced, "No we're no dating. Us hang out, go to the gym, eat food, clock movies and listen to southern Indian music together." Addressing Arjun Kapoor's queries about how Khatter is constantly buzzing approximately her, Shahid chimed in, “Ishaan usually buzzes roughly people a lot. He is a buzzy guy. Janhvi is no special.”

Shahid Kapoor top top loving her family

While your equation might not it is in conventional, but their strong love because that each other has pulled castle together. “ literally had Ishaan for me. I have actually paternal feelings in the direction of him; feelings favor an elder brother however also, at times, choose a dad," Shahid revealed prior to adding, “There space so countless different types of relationship that exist today and I don't think over there are any type of rules come the game. It's all around love, togetherness, forgiving, learning to move on and also learning to prioritise the fact that you ultimately want to be together.”