After playing through the game quite a couple of times, experimenting with most of the classes to end-game and brand-new game +, I have actually compiled a ranking list for every the great in the game, both in their respective roles and overall, and administer reasons for my judgement. Save in psychic the rankings are my opinion and also are largely based upon my very own experience with the game. Likewise note the classes have the right to fill lot of roles, and also will be judged accordingly.

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Bard is by far the finest unit in the game, if because that no various other reason 보다 its capability to to the right into any type of team ingredient flawlessly.

Dissonance by chin is a relatively underwhelming skill, however coupled through a Shaman's revolution field, it i do not care a reasonably deadly attack. If friend don't have a Shaman in your team who supplies static field, don't bother leveling this skill.

Harmonic movement and also Octavarium are healing skills, one single target and also the other an aoe regeneration. If Harmonic motion heals more than Octavarium (as well as always heal the bard.), I find that Octavarium alone is sufficient to completely sustain the party (even versus mom). So lengthy as you have actually a tank with damages reduction (i.e. Any tank that isn't a barbarian), you'll most likely only have to cast this once the entire fight, if in ~ all. Additionally, Octavarium lasts because that 2 turns default, but with the hourglass and Hynx's ability, it deserve to last up to 4 turns. Yes, really strong.

Power chord will substantially increase the damage of any kind of physical attacks, and a bard that puts whatever into this will additionally deal reasonable damage. This can make mage personalities hit end 100 in noncritical damage by level 30, and also it will just go greater as you level the up. This coupled v a Necromancer's help From listed below pretty lot breaks the game and makes boss fights a complete joke.

Overall, a Bard can fit in any kind of party, be it a physical, magical, aoe, or balanced one. It can be a minor donate slot in, a supportive damages buffer, a minor damages dealer (physical solitary or magical aoe), or a complete out healer because that a party. This unit is very versatile.


A Necromancer is a bit out of location in a magic oriented party, yet it really shines in a physical assault party. A Necromancer has actually a recovery (overall pretty useless), a passive that allows you to regain mana top top an strike (which leads to boundless mana), the ideal support ability for a physics team and also tanks that boosts crit chance and also grants life leeching, and also the most an effective dot strike in the game.

In a physics oriented party (rouge, hunter, warrior, for instance), aid from below is all the is necessary to keep the whole party healthy, and can role as the key heal for the party. Not only does the increase damage output, once used every strike from a member will fully restore its wellness to full. Thus, if you have actually a tank and a couple of damage palliation items, so lengthy as a member resides to its turn, it will certainly be back at full hp at the finish of it. It's certain disgusting. Stun have the right to mess you up if you acquire unlucky, yet a tank should have damages reduction and virtually all the opponents that stun are favored by the player for quests and also are only dangerous when you hit 7 of them. Additionally, this coupled through a Bard's strength Chord pretty lot breaks the game.

Summon Minion is likewise incredibly good. It's a period that lasts because that 4 turns (5 if you have actually the hourglass), transaction the most damage out of any type of dot, and also reduces the target's resistances (making her attackers do even more damage, which heals lock even more with help from below). It's thus skill you can kill Mom and any other boss in the game in under 3 turns.

Both of these an abilities are fairly mana intensive, however your passive, energy drain, will reclaim your mana to full after a single attack if leveled up a few times. It likewise increases her attack, which is great for assist from listed below so you cure more.

A Necromancer is a staple in any type of physical oriented team, providing huge amounts the crit chance, an effective life leeching, has efficiently infinite mana, can be a solid attacker, and also can reduce the defenses of enemies for your attackers come exploit.

If Necromancer is the clip for physical groups, Shaman is the clip for miracle groups. Unlike physics attacks, magical attacks do no gain benefit from mana leeching, and also classes that focus on magical assaults will quickly run out of mana and thus shed all their damage and utility. Enter the Shaman, who has actually an aoe buff the literally grants limitless MP because that anyone, consisting of himself.

Static ar is an absolute should on any kind of team that has actually members who use a the majority of mana and can't regenerate it earlier (Mage, Bard, Cleric, Paladin, Witch). That will boost the magic that 3 members on her team (meaning not just do friend gain an ext mp to usage skills, it increases your magic damage as well), however the factor its remarkable is it actually gives much more mana than it prices (unlike druid). This way a Shaman literally has actually infinite mp, and can give infinite mp come the whole party in ~ will. It's because of this skill friend can end every battle with complete mp, in spite of you spamming meteor, hurricane, and dissonance every turn.

Hurricane is a respectable aoe that will carry out a kind amount of damages and also apply a dot. There's little reason to pick thunderstorm over this, therefore if you want damage, level up hurricane.

Vine catch doesn't level well as you placed points right into it, for this reason it's best to placed in a couple of points and also leave it in ~ that.

The Shaman is a staple for mana extensive groups, acting as both a damage dealer and also an countless mana battery because that the team. The a really solid addition to a team.

Hunter is by far the best damage dealer in the game. And also because every group needs a damage dealer, he can fit in any type of party. His only downside is that all he offers is damage. But boy, walk he sell damage. The hunter has accessibility to both the best solitary target damaging ability in the game and also the best aoe in the game. It's ideal to specialize in one and ignore the various other for the ideal effect. The ideal thing around the hunter, though, is his maxed level armor provides him 10% mana leeching. This, an unified with his insane quantities of damage, method every attack he does restores his mana back to full. 2+2 = spamming among the strongest skills in the video game every turn with no consequence.

Heart shooting is the best solitary target damaging ability in the game. Period. It will certainly do vast amounts the damage and also will use a bleed that will do about as much damage as you just dealt. This skill will essentially one shot anything that isn't a boss, and also will 2-3 shot any type of boss. (especially if it's increased by strength chord).

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Volley is the most damaging aoe in the game. While it have the right to only target a max the 5 targets, it transaction a ton that damage. That's really all there is come this skill. I've found if you have the right to max her crit (either v your passive or through a necromancer's assist from below), girlfriend will find yourself 1 shotting 5 opponents at a time at higher levels, or coming damn near close.

The hunter has actually 2 passives it can level up. 1 will rise its vital chance, the other will rise its damage. It's no worth investing as well much into these passives. Either invest in crit possibility if girlfriend don't have a necro, or invest right into concentrate only when leveling up your attack skill will press it over half of your complete mana. (You want to have the ability to spam your attacks every turn, ~ all.)