tastecraftedmcd.com — Vanguard inserted three players in dual figures and utilized a full-court press to jump-start a second-quarter rally as the Knights beat West Port, 63-41, in Monday"s opening round of the 47th yearly Kingdom the the sunlight basketball tournament.

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The loss, in the 15-team, four-day tournament, to reduce West harbor to 4-7.

"(In the) first quarter us played basketball, (but) in the second, third and 4th they simply stopped doing what they"re supposed to do," first-year Wolf pack head coach Bernard smith said. "The push bothered us, and also we need to execute far better and obtain our mental right because there is a lot of basketball left to it is in played."

Smith, who played in this prestigious occasion for Vanguard from 1990 come 1994 under coach Jim Haley, who began this tournament in 1974, comes full circle by currently coaching in it.

"It"s an honor to be playing in the tournament," said Smith, who played college basketball at Tennessee-Chattanooga. "I make the all-tournament team my junior and senior years. This is the an initial game I"ve been ago in this gym together a player or coach. Ns was here officiating games and also I have actually a lot of great memories in this gym. I remember being among these kids running up and also down the floor and also it renders me want to placed on a jersey and also get out there and play."

West Port will play Wildwood at 11 a.m. ~ above Tuesday.

The win enhanced Vanguard to 4-7.

"We didn"t gain off to the best of starts however we turn it roughly in the second quarter," Knights coach Todd Davis said. " we work difficult on our full-court push in practice and It was effective tonight. We had balanced scoring, we wanted to play fine in front of our house crowd and it to be a great win."

Davis also played in this tournament as a Vanguard player in the mid-1990s.

"I love being here and also being component of the tradition that coach Haley started," Davis said. "We simply want to continue with the means it"s been."

West Port started the video game strong, together junior Lillious Floyd scored four of his game-high 13 points and also Osel Tyler-Gilkes included four to give the Wolf pack a 16-7 lead heading come the second period.

Vanguard saw a full-court press and also the move paid prompt dividends together West harbor began turning the sphere over. The Knights took benefit and went on a 29-5 operation as sophomore guard D"Mareon Manning poured in eight that his 10 points, including a pair of 3-pointers, and also junior Jemiah Gallion scored 10 point out to provide the Knights a 36-21 lead at the half.

Vanguard added to its lead in the third quarter together sophomore forward camer Powell scored 7 points and Demetrius Watts had a pair the baskets in the repaint to provide the course 5A Knights a 50-31 command heading to the last eight minutes.

Class 7A West Port, which committed 24 turnovers, continued to play tough as Floyd scored five points and Lenard Hill included five, yet Vanguard ran the clock down through each possession and eased to the victory.

The Knights will certainly play phibìc Marion at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. 

"We love playing against North Marion," Davis said. "They love playing us and also let the chips fall where castle may."

Monday"s Results

NORTH MARION 64, WILDWOOD 36: Colts sophomore center Sammie Yeanay scored a game-high 23 point out to lead the win. Wildwood was paced by junior Zechariah Poyser"s 10 points.

Crossroads Academy winner by a forfeit end Pines Charter.

EAGLE’S LANDING (Ga.) 72, ST. PETE LAKEWOOD 26: Junior facility Kenneth Brayboy scored a game-high 18 points to lead Eagles Landing.

BARTLETT (Tn.) 75, COLUMBIA (Ga.) 54: Bartlett to be paced by an elderly Amarr Knox"s 18 points. The Kingdom’s 2019 champ, Columbia, to be led in scoring through Rashaad Headges" 14 points.

MARTIN ar 75, MIAMI nation DAY 43: Martin County small Elijah Duval scored a game-high 18 points. Miami nation Day to be led by Jasai Miles, that scored 10 points.

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RIVIERA prep 51, FREDERICK DOUGLASS (Ky) 40: Esteban Lluberes score 19 points to command the win. Douglass was paced by Kai Simpson"s 14.

IMG BLUE 74, COCOA 50: The Ascenders progressed to the quarterfinals, while CHS will contend in the consolation bracket.