Kingdom understanding Unchained X (KHUX) is the eight video game in the Kingdom Heart game series. This is a Japanese role playing video game being exit in 2013. Kingdom understanding Unchained X (KHUX) video game is featuring many original characters of the series and there space some characters from the various other game collection as well favor Disney and also Final fantasy. You have actually the choice to completely customize these characters.Kingdom mind Unchained X (KHUX) is a story based game which has actually several different missions. You can unlock the locked missions after make the development in game. In these missions, you have to fight v the attention monster opponents out there. Friend can add your friend in the multiplayer setting of the video game to battle against the monsters and also their bosses. This would certainly be a map based battle in which girlfriend will attack the enemy using different cards. Your personalities will be equipped through some equipment and also they are all customizable. Kingdom mind Unchained X (KHUX) is the finest game the the series to it is in featured top top the computer system systems and mobile phones. You deserve to download the game for free from the Google pat store and also Apple application store.The characters of the Kingdom mind Unchained X (KHUX) game are categorized into 5 categories.The many highlighted character in team S+ is Axel SP Ver. The top heroes in the group S room Cid illustrated Ver and also Musketeer Goofy. Lock are additionally very powerful heroes. The most prominent characters in team A room Alice and also Goofy Ver. B. Alice gets rid of the buffs and also Goofy Ver. B deserve to do boy damages.The main characters in team B are Captain Goofy and also Paine, castle both can hurt the enemies. Some heroes in group C space Bambi and also Beast.

Tier S+

NameAbility TypeAbility EffectsTierAxelSP Ver.AOEHigher PlayerHP =Higher DamageS+

Tier S

NameAbility TypeAbility EffectsTierBlack CoatRikuKHII Ver.Single TargetModerate DamageSCerberusAOEHeavy DamageSCidIllustrated Ver.Single TargetLight DamageSCloudKH Ver.Single TargetHigher Player HP=Higher DamageSGoofyTimeless RiverVer.Single TargetReduce EnemyDefense because that TheCurrent AndNext MedalSKairiKH Ver.BuffAttack UpNext 2 MedalsSKing MickeyBlack coat Ver.AOENeutral DamageSLeonKHII Ver. BSingle TargetHigher Player HP=Higher DamageSLexaeusSingle TargetModerate DamageSMusketeer GoofyAOEModerate DamageSSaixAOEHeavy DamageSXaldinSingle TargetHeavy DamageS

Tier A

NameAbility TypeAbility EffectsTierAliceBuffRemoves all Buffsfrom TargetACard SoldiersAOEHP-CostADiZBuffAttack Up1 TurnAGoofyVer. BSingle TargetSmall DamageAHerculesSingle TargetHeavy DamageAMushuAOEHeavy DamageAPeteTimeless RiverVer.AOESmall DamageAPhilBuffPower assault UpAQueenofHeartsSingle TargetHeavy DamageARikuKH Ver.AOESmall DamageARikuKH3D Ver..Single TargetHeavy DamageA

Tier B

NameAbility TypeAbility EffectsTierCaptain GoofyAOEModerate DamageBCloudKHII Ver.AOEMore Turns=More DamageBGoofyHalloween TownVer.AOEReduce AllEnemy DefenseAttributes by 1BPaineAOEHeavy DamageBSimbaAOEPoisoned BonusBSoraValor kind Ver.AOEPoisoned BonusBWakkaAOESmall DamageBYoung HerculesAOEMore Turns=More DamageBZackSingle TargetLower Player HP=Higher DamageB

Tier C

NameAbility TypeAbility EffectsTierBambiBuffMagic Defense UpCBeastSingle TargetFixed DamageCGoofyVer. AAOEModerate DamageCPenceBuffDamage BuffNext 2 MedalsCSeven DwarvesBuffAll assault TypesUp following MedalOnlyC
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