I've to win Kingdom Hearts last Mix and Re:Chain of memory (both key game and also Reverse/Rebirth). I'm moving onto II last Mix soon.

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I win the very first game, however I didn't get the mystery ending. I also totally skipped Olympus Coliseum since I couldn't number out just how to gain in (a stunner dope on mine part), however I found out after ns beat the key game and also beat the Pegasus and also Hercules cups. Couldn't get myself to save going ~ above in the Hades cup. Finally, i didn't carry out that one optional ceo (the organization-looking guy) everyone states is appropriate to the story.

My question: how crucial are these optional points if I'm right into the story (including the gamings I've however to get to)? have to I watch them top top YouTube or gain to lock in-game?


Secret endings and mystery Bosses are simply teasers for the following games, friend dont need them to understand the story since you actually see them in the following game again as a common cutscene at some point. You should more than likely still clock them prior to moving on though since they room really nice and also exciting teasers.

The hooded male (secret boss Kingdom Hearts final Mix) closes a loophole because that 358/2. I average you can let it slide and just roll v it, but that ceo is kinda important

Finally, ns didn't perform that one optional boss (the organization-looking guy) everyone says is appropriate to the story.

That boss honestly isn't necessary at all. It's later developed in an additional game that the struggle is in reality canon, however that's literally it

The optional boss you pointed out is relevant to the story, but it's not like skipping his fight will stop you from understanding KH2 or something. He's relevant, however not important. You'll discover out literally everything you should know around him in KH2.

I'd recommend always watching cutscenes for everything you missed/decided to skip on YouTube. It's better to be safe 보다 sorry.

Optional occasions are that, optional girlfriend don't need to do them yet they do offer you very early concept of what's come come later on on.

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Optional bosses are simply kind of there to be honest. Many of castle are in reality cannon, yet typically serve really little, if in ~ all, plot significance. I carry out recommend fighting them though, since they're normally pretty fun fights (minus MF and VR indigenous BBS, those fights space bull).


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