As Terra endeavors into the tropical paradise of Never before Land, he hears males yelling up ahead; he runs towards the commovement to uncover a team of Unversed bordering 2 guys and also a big treasure chest.

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NEW UNVERSED: Triple Wrecker, Wild Bruiser

The males return to the scene after the Unversed are defeated; Terra inquires around Vanitas, though the Captain states he knows nothing. Hook describes that the chest he has actually contains light from all roughly Never before Land also, and that a mischievous boy called Peter Pan is trying to take it from him. Terra agrees to escort the chest to Skull Rock for the Captain. Open the chest in the northwest corner to obtain an Abounding Crystal, then take the path to the appropriate to reach the Gully. Once tbelow, open the chest close to the conserve station to attain the Never before Land also Map; open up the chest throughout the means for a Hi-Potion.

Take the northern path to the Jungle Clearing. Open the chest alengthy the north wall to grab an additional Hi-Potion, then take the course on the ideal. Once in Mermaid Lagoon, open up the chests in the location to receive an Elixir and also the Dark Haze battle command also. Use the steps in the middle of the area to reach the north passage that leads to Cliff Path. You have the right to break the rocks scattered about the area to reach chests containing the Firaga magic command and a Hi-Potion. Open the chest in the middle of the area to receive a Mega-Potion, then jump from there and also air slide to the palm tree near the wall. Go into the tiny cave to reach the north ledge of Mermhelp Lagoon. Open the tiny chest close to the edge to get the Geo Impact battle command, then go back to Cliff Path and take the north route to the Cove. Save your game, open up the chest for an Ether, then swim to the various other side of the location. Open the chest alengthy the wall for a Hi-Potion, then examine the rowboat in the much north.

When you arrive at Skull Rock, take a trip to the far side, open up the chest for a Panacea, then use the platforms alongside the chest to climb approximately the appropriate eye of Skull Rock. Use your High Jump and also Air Slide to reach the left eye and also attain the Chip Sticker. Get in through among the 3 gateways to Skull Rock Cavern. Terra properly transports the chest to Skull Rock, and the Captain leaves on various other company. After a brief while, the boy who is trying to take the light -- Peter Pan -- appears.


Peter Pan

Use your Slide to dodge Peter"s diving attacks; you"ll understand as soon as he"s attacking when you watch a green trail of light follow his activities. Wait till Peter is at ground level, then use a finish ground combo, then follow up with a Sonic Blade command; do not foracquire to push

to continue damage.

Learned Bladecharge!

After sparring with Peter for a while, the shed boys control to nab the chest and also run for it. They accidentally trip and the chest falls to the ground, exposing its contents: gold, gems, and dubloons: piprice loot. It seems that the Captain has actually tricked Terra right into guarding his piprice bounty. Terra apologizes to Peter Pan, that graciously accepts and also asks of Hook"s whereabouts. Terra mentions that Hook spoke of pursuing a shooting star, which cautions Peter that one of his friends is in hazard. Peter leaves the lost boys in charge of guarding the chest.

Exit Skull Rock. As Terra endeavors outside, you feels a huge quake and hears the lost boys yelling about a monster. Before returning to the cavern, climb the left side of Skull Rock and go through both of the caverns above to reach 3 chests containing a Megalixir, Chaos Crystal, and also the Ars Solum attack command. Return to the cavern to find a large sheat of Unversed trying to take the treacertain.

Using regulates favor Magnera and also Sonic Blade will certainly help defeat huge numbers of Unversed quickly; you also have actually your shotlock command at your disposal. Each Unversed has actually exceptionally bit HP, so you deserve to sindicate Air Slide and also usage your Sonic Impact to take out the ones in front of you. After clearing out the Unversed, Terra hears Captain Hook approaching; he convinces the Captain that his treacertain is safe and also releases Tinkerbell from her priboy. As Hook becomes enraged, a loud ticking sound is heard, leading to him to flee the scene in fear.

Deck capacity increased!

Tinkerbell flies approximately the cavern, spanalysis sparkling pixie dust everywhere, like hundreds of stars. It reminds Terra of the night of the meteor shower, through Aqua and also Ven. The shed boys are saddened that they shed the treacertain, learning that Peter will certainly be disappointed in them. Terra urges them to put whatever is unique to them -- their true treasures -- in the chest rather. Terra forges a D-Link via Peter Pan, obtains the Pixie Petal keychain, and also unlocks the Never before Land Command Board.

If you return to Never Land also and enter Peter"s Hideout (in Jungle Clearing), you will find two chests containing a Shimmering Crystal and the Mega Magic Recipe, as well as the Dewey Sticker. If you take a trip to Rainbow Falls: Base (go with the Seashore, accessed by the southwestern path in Mermaid Lagoon), you will discover two chests containing a Megalixir and also Zero Graviga, and the Rainbow Sticker.


As Aqua travels around the Indian Camp, she comes throughout a scroll on the ground. She bends dvery own to pick it up as 2 boys technique, disappointed that she found the scroll before them. A boy named Peter Pan descends from the skies, explaining that Aqua was the first one to uncover the treasure map -- which means she"s the leader of their treacertain hunt. Aqua declines the possibility, but after seeing the boys" disappointment once Peter calls off the treacertain hunt, she decides to play along and also be the leader.

NEW UNVERSED: Triple Wrecker, Wild Bruiser

Travel forward to leave the Indian Camp. Open the huge chest to your left to obtain the Never Land Map; open the chest on the opposite wall for a Mega-Potion. Take the northern course to reach the Jungle Clearing. Tbelow is a Fireworks Sticker behind the tree in the center of the area. Open the chest along the northern wall for a Hi-Potion, then enter Peter"s Hideout insidethe tree. Open the 2 chests in the alcove on the left for the Mine Shield magic command also and an Elixir. Exit Peter"s Hideout and go with the passage in the northeastern to reach Mermassist Lagoon.

Aqua crosses routes with a tall guy in a red coat, claiming that this day is the day he detasks Peter; Peter claims the guy is Captain Hook, a no-great piprice. The captain calls to his ship, which starts to fire cannonballs at Aqua and the others. Open the chest alengthy the east wall to receive an Elixir; there"s a chest in the northeast alcove that has the Firaga Burst magic command also. There"s a Rainbow Sticker in the southeastern edge that can be got to by high jumping from the nearemainder piece of land also and air sliding to the sticker. Go with the passage in the southwest to reach the Seacoast. Open the chest on the best to get a Hi-Potion; there"s a chest in the much west along the ledge that holds an Ether.

Get in via the passage in the far west to reach the base of Rainbow Falls. Tinkerbell scatters pixiedust almost everywhere the cliff, enabling Aqua and also the lost boys to ascfinish. Before flying up the cliff, open up the chests alengthy the west ledge and also in the northeastern edge to receive a Panacea and a Fleeting Crystal, respectively. Jump with the pixie dust to reach the higher components of the cliff. Go via the route at the peak to reach the climb. Open the chests in the location to receive a Chaos Crystal, the Thundaga and also Firaga magic regulates, and also the Time Splicer assault command also. The Chip Sticker hangs near the highest ledge in the area. Use the pixie dust to fly up the cliff in the far west to reach the route to the crest. Open the chest on your left for a Mega-Ether; take the path to the other end to reach the Gully as soon as aobtain.

Aqua realizes that she and also the others had actually made a large circle about Neverland also to make it earlier to where they began. Captain Hook found the treasure prior to the lost boys did; his first mate Smee opens the chest to discover that the just treacertain in tbelow is Peter and the boys" points. The shed boys had lost all of Hook"s treasure a while ago. Hook hears a ticking sound and also flees through Smee. Aqua finds Ven"s wooden keyblade, provided to him by Terra, in the treacertain chest; Aqua believes that if Ven was right here, it means that Vanitas isn"t also much from here. Aqua obtains the Doubletrip action command also (be sure to equip it now). Save your game, then enter the Indian Camp in the west. Aqua finds Vanitas, who shatters Ven"s wood Keyblade and also challenges Aqua to fight.



This fight is equivalent to your first fight with Vanitas; but, Vanitas has more assaults, and also the strikes he provided formerly are much more effective. Use your Barrier versus his ground assaults and follow up via Counter Blast to deal a tiny damages. Use quick attack commands and also homing magic to deal continuous damages. When sufficient of his HP is depleted, Vanitas" arsenal of strikes increases: he will certainly begin by diving right into the ground; if Vanitas emerges near you, he will leave you through little-to-no HP. Use your newly acquired Doubleflight to jump high sufficient and also stop damages. Vanitas may repeat this assault a number of times prior to relocating on to various other strikes. Use your shotlock to deal damage and have a minute of invulnerability (Prism Rain is useful here). Keep an eye on your HP at all times; if your Cure commands are still reloading and you must heal, you deserve to D-Link with a character to restore your HP (I would D-Link with Ventus, so you have the right to usage his Haste capability to land even more attacks).

Maximum HP increased!Learned Ghost Drive!

After a lengthy battle, Vanitas and also Aqua both loss. Aqua awakens to Peter Pan"s voice, that sees that Ven"s treasure is broken; Aqua reassures himnthat the genuine treacertain is the friendship Peter has via Terra and Ven. Aqua forges a D-Link through Peter Pan, obtains the Pixie Petal keychain, and also unlocks the Never Land Command also Board. As Aqua travels via the Lanes Between, she is enveloped in a warmth and also bright light...


Ventus awakens to the touch of a pixie fairy kicking his challenge. Ven introduces himself to two lost boys, that say that they are chasing down a shooting star that the pixie, Tinkerbell, experienced near the Indian Camp.

NEW UNVERSED: Triple Wrecker, Wild Bruiser

Open the chest alengthy the western ledge for a Panacea; open up the chest in the far east for a Hi-Potion. Take the course to the left to reach the base of Rainbow Falls. Open the chest in the northeast corner to get a Megalixir. Rerotate to the Seacoast and take the course in the east to reach Mermaid Lagoon. Open the chest alengthy the eastern wall to obtain an Elixir. There"s additionally a chest in an alcove in the northeast that contains the Aeroga magic command also.

Take the course in the northwest to reach Jungle Clearing. Ventus meets Peter Pan, who seems to be the leader of the shed boys. He asks if the boys want to go steal Captain Hook"s treacertain, but Tinkerbell reminds them that they are in search of a shooting star. Ventus and also Tinkerbell decide to continue trying to find it, while Peter Pan and the other boys go to steal Hook"s treasure. Open the chest in the northeastern edge for a Balloon Letter, then enter Peter"s Hideout in the tree in the middle of the location. Open the chests in the alcove on theleft to get a Fleeting Crystal and Mega-Ether. Save your game at the surrounding conserve terminal, exit the hideout, and also travel via the path in the south to reach the Gully.

When you reach the Gully, open up the chest in the northwest close to the save station to attain the Never before Land also Map, then open up the chest alengthy the eastern wall for an Abounding Crystal. Save your game, then enter the Indian Camp in the west. As Ventus looks approximately the camp through Tinkerbell, he spots Mickey"s Star Shard; all of a sudden, a guy in a red coat grabs the Star Sdifficult and captures Tinkerbell. Captain Hook claims that if Peter wants to save Tinkerbell, he must accomplish him at Mermassist Lagoon. CaptainHook takes his leave; as Ventus tries to seek, Unversed block the way forward.

Ventus reaches the Gully, yet the Captain is nowhere to be uncovered. As Ventus looks up into the skies at the bappropriate and also shining sun, he remembers the moment to watched the meteor shower via Terra and also Aqua. Peter flies down, and Ventus informs him of Tinkerbell"s kidnapping and Captain Hook"s terms. Peter sees with Hook"s ambush, and goes to rescue Tink. Return to Mermassist Lagoon by going through the Jungle Clearing. Captain Hook"s crew fire cannonballs from the ship, trying to hit Ventus and also Peter. Tinkerbell managed to escape someexactly how, and she covers Ventus in her pixie dust. Peter goes to stop the cannon fire, while Ventus goes after Hook. Ventus obtains the Glide activity command (press and hold

while jumping to glide).

Equip your brand-new Glide activity command and usage it to reach the Dale Sticker suspfinished above the water in the northeastern corner. If you go back to the base of Rainbow Falls (with the Seacoast), you deserve to glide from the highest possible point along the western wall to reach the Rainbow Sticker. Take the course in the northeastern of Mermhelp Lagoon to reach Cliff Path. Open the chests in the location for a Hi-Potion, Treacertain Rhelp, and Firaga. Glide to the palm tree alengthy the west wall to reach the high ledge in Mermaid Lagoon to uncover a chest containing the Blitz attack command also. Continue with the passage north of Cliff Path to reach the Cove. Open the chest behind the conserve terminal to obtain an Ether. Save your game, then continue forward. Ventus finds Captain Hook waiting for the Peter"s demise. Ventus increates the Captain that Peter has successfully taken over the ship; Hook becomes infuriated and also draws his sword via the intent of defeating Ventus.


Captain Hook

Wait for Hook to strike, usage your Block, then follow up through Counter Rush. When he"s knocked down, attack with your Keyblade and also deck commands to acquire Hook close to the edge. One more hit will certainly sfinish him flying right into the water, wbelow the crocodile will take a bite out of his HP. Dodge Roll to protect against his bombs. The key to this battle is patience: let Hook come to you, Block the strike, then follow up with your own offensive strikes.

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Deck capacity increased!

Ventus manperiods to sfinish Hook swimming away from the crocodile, simply as Peter Pan and also the boys sail up through the treasure chest they stole. Peter opens up the chest to find that the boys had accidentally lost the treasure; but they suggest that they location what"s truly distinct to them -- their genuine treasure -- in the chest rather. Peter takes a liking to the principle, and also asks Ventus what he"s going to put in the chest. Ven decides to put in the wood Keyblade that Terra gave him -- a treasure from a friend. Tinkerbell had likewise controlled to grab Mickey"s Star Sdifficult from Hook; as Ventus host the Star Stough inhis hand also, it shines via a bappropriate light and also takes him to some other world. Ventus forges a D-Link via Peter Pan, obtains the Pixie Petal keychain, and unlocks the Never Land also Command Board. If you return to the Cove after defeating Captain Hook, you will certainly discover the last two chests in the northeast corner containing a Mega-Potion and also Megalixir.