I've had Killing Floor 2 installed on an SSD because that a while now, yet recently it's taken upwards the a minute to start up each time; both the 'Preparing to launch KF2' and the graphic that comes up prior to the game starts up proper. I've never had any kind of problems before, though I notice the occasional stutter in-game. Any and also all suggestions would be welcome


As /u/dav3_125 mentioned, you might want come disable start-up movies. These space the little intro videos (typically the TripWire and Georgia logos) that show up when you start the game. To disable them, find Killing Floor 2 in your steam Library, right click it, click "Properties" and also click "Set start Options..." under the "General" tab the the window that appears. Put the complying with into the "Launch Options" box that appears.

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-nostartupmovies If the doesn't fix much, it can depend on numerous factors; RAM and also CPU are few of the most essential given that you currently have an SSD.

If girlfriend don't have much RAM, you might be writing/reading native disk much much more often 보다 you'd choose (and if your pagefile is on another disk , Windows may be storing KF2 assets right into that page file. If the page file is top top a difficult disk, friend will endure from slow-moving retrieval times. This basically ends up looking like:

Start gameWindows tons relevant assets into RAMIf it can't load sufficient of the forced assets into RAM, store several of the legacy from ram in come the page file (which might be top top a hard disk) eventually, read from the page paper to acquire the data we require again -- i m sorry is slow because it is a difficult disk. If windows is constantly reading/writing page document (likely due to small quantities the RAM) and also that page record is ~ above a difficult disk, you'll notice quite a significant impact. Even if the page record is ~ above SSD, you'll still desire to prevent constantly adding/removing data indigenous RAM and reading/writing it come disk.

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I've personally i found it the following:

After starting my computer and running the video game once, every time I begin it up later on it will certainly launch very fast. However, if i quit the game and use really memory-intensive program (video editing and enhancing software concerns mind), subsequent launches the the game will take a long time. This may be because of the reality that Windows had to remove assets the it stored far on disk because that faster access later.