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Our History

In 1987, once we opened our parent company, Tickets for Less, Inc., there were just a grasp of sport occasions companies in existence. Our team noticed beforehand that, in addition to the need for tickets and also travel, there was an overwhelming require for a firm that placed customer company as priority number one. Adopting the philosophy has helped our service grow exponentially over the previous 29 years, and as our call for service came to be evident, our corporate clients and also other organization relationships multiplied. Us are an extremely proud the the reality that we have actually maintained one A+ rating through the far better Business Bureau and have never had a solitary complaint in our 25 years as members, a statement few, if any, companies in ours industry can make. Quite merely stated, integrity and also excellent customer business is ours number one goal in any type of transaction. It is what set our company apart from every the others.

The Kentucky Derby is a spectacular event, through an nearly endless range of indoor and outdoor seating areas, dining options, hospitality, and also amenities. Because that 143 year now, Kentucky Derby Tickets have primarily been accessible to horse Farms, Corporations, equine Owners, government Officials, and also locals. They are, without a doubt, the most an overwhelming tickets to obtain of every the sporting events. Therefore, as soon as shopping because that Kentucky Derby Tickets, it i do not care extremely essential to choose a agency that has the connections and also resources come procure those tightly hosted tickets and carry out you through the seat of your choice. has actually a team in location that has dealt for plenty of years through those ticket holders and also has formed strong alliances and friendships that make those tickets accessible to you. Just put, we can acquire Kentucky Derby tickets in the seating area of her choice, no issue where you want to sit! together a note, we provide a number of Kentucky Derby tickets to the major national ticket brokers, together well.

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About Us

Welcome come Us are one of the country’s only permanent events firm specializing in Kentucky Derby Packages and Kentucky Derby Tickets. We room proud to it is in a leader in providing Kentucky Derby Tickets, an initial class hotel accommodation Kentucky Derby Packages, luxury transportation, human being renowned Kentucky Derby Parties, and historic steed Farm and also Bourbon Distillery Tours. Corporate clients, equine owners, celebrities, and also racing pan from brand-new York to California, Canada come Mexico, and even overseas rely ~ above for their Kentucky Derby Experience. is a Louisville, Kentucky area based company, which offers us with the possibility to work an extremely closely with those in fee of Kentucky Derby activities as well together hotels and ticket sources. Our team has been connected with and personally to visit the Kentucky Derby because that over 29 years. 2 of our partners alone have over 50 year of linked Kentucky Derby experience, no counting the rest of ours staff. We recognize of no other agency that has actually this much experience and expertise in this event.

We take a personal interest in our potential customers, whether they room shopping because that a Kentucky Derby Package deal that has Millionaire’s Row, or a single Kentucky Derby Ticket in the Grandstand. We sell a wide selection of seat in all locations of Churchill Downs and will be glad to assist you in identify which location finest suits her needs. We pride ourself in providing the most competitive prices and the best overall value for her money. In addition, we are constantly ready and also pleased to answer questions and offer advantageous information around the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Derby Tickets, Kentucky Derby Packages, Kentucky Derby Party’s, Kentucky Derby Transportation, Kentucky Oaks, Kentucky Oaks Tickets, and any various other related activities to make the customer much more comfortable and excited about their Kentucky Derby experience.


Our Promise

Today that is challenging to find a agency with the knowledge and experience to administer you with the information and choices to fulfill your Kentucky Derby Experience. You can rely on to satisfy that need. Our proficient staff can carry out you info on Kentucky Oaks Tickets, Kentucky Derby Tickets, Kentucky Derby Packages, transportation, parties, and also even fashion so you have the right to look great at the races.

Be selective when picking a company to trust v your Kentucky Derby Weekend plans. Take a moment to make sure they have an excellent reviews. Consider checking with the far better business bureau. If it sounds too good to it is in true, it more than likely is too great to be true. Make sure they have an excellent knowledge the the event. Are they local? have actually they ever been to the Kentucky Derby? do they recognize the track inside and out? How many years experience perform they have in this business?

Once you acquisition Kentucky Oaks Tickets, Kentucky Derby Tickets, or a Kentucky Derby Package, expect us come follow-up and also make certain you are happy v your transaction. Unlike bulk of other companies, we space able to aid you with restaurants, equine Farm Tours, Bourbon Tours, and Transportation. Think us, we have been law this since 1987, and also we have heard the all. Us stand by our commitment come make certain you room 100% satisfied and we will certainly be there to do whatever in our strength to make her Kentucky Derby dreams come true.

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My surname is Patrick O’Steen, i am the president of and also Tickets for Less, and also if you space not 100% happy, climate you ask for me, and I will certainly make sure you are! You have my indigenous on it.

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