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The silent Swordswomen shrine pursuit is located in southwestern Hyrule, just outside of Gerudo Town’s northwestern gate. There, you’ll discover Laine, a guard who tells you a story and also gives you The silent Swordswomen shrine quest.

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How to find Kema Zoos shrine and complete The quiet Swordswomen shrine quest

There are number of swordswomen statues scattered v the desert exterior of Gerudo Town, (you deserve to see the very first in the picture above). Every you have to do is walk come them, confront the direction the their knife is pointing, and then walk until you uncover the following silent swordswoman statue.

Of course, it’s not quite that easy.

The route you’ll take leads directly into a sandstorm, which provides visibility atrocious — and also your map won’t work, either. Browse the gallery above to see each the the swordswomen statues, which should help you orient yourself.

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If she getting confused (say, since there are opponents in your way, and also you got turned around), look because that landmarks like rocks or various other things in the distance, and use these together intermediate destinations between statues.

Kema Zoos shrine (A delayed puzzle) solutions and treasure chests

Walk up the ramp, and also use magnesis to capture the electric orb flying between the two launchers. Usage magnesis to placed the electric orb beside the electrode behind a fence in the northwest corner of the room. That’ll open up a door, offering you access to a treasure chest with a Moonlight Scimitar lengthy Throw. Usage magnesis to placed the electric orb beside the electrode in the opposite edge of the room. That’ll open the door to the exit. Fulfill Kema Zoos, collect your spirit orb and also prosper.


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