Keep safe old variation download, opinion, 15 free premium licenses – take a watch at these tips, tricks, and also solution you have the right to use come make your life much much easier with your devices whenever troubles arrive and complications which you might find complicated to transaction with.

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When someone is looking those photos and videos on your mobile that are an extremely private (or have such intentions), the is time to put a small security there.

If you only want to safeguard images and videos on her cell phone, the easiest, many practical and safest point is to usage an application, and one of the best for Android is KeepSafe.

KeepSafe Free

It is one of the friendliest applications that I have come across. That is fine designed, in Spanish language, that is intuitive, straightforward to use and it is free. And also don’t obtain me wrong: behind the simplicity are number of cool features.


You can use KeepSafe for cost-free as lengthy as girlfriend want, without paying. Optionally, you can add the skilled features of KeepSafe Premium noted below (before deciding, girlfriend can try Premium for free for a month).

Secret door: come disguise KeepSafe together a totally different applications on the system.Pin Falso– entering this pin will open an alternate version the KeepSafe.Album lock: You have the right to individually lock albums in ~ KeepSafe, through a various PIN 보다 the app’s.Largest personal cloud– lets you privately save up come 5,000 photos and videos top top the Internet and also sync this contents with other devices.

Other premium features encompass intrusion alert, pen timeout, garbage recovery, album cover customization, premium support, and also login display themes. Every the functions are self-explanatory through their particular description, but if you have troubles with any, you can use the Help to discover out what every one method or exactly how to use it.

Keepsafe Descargar

The safest means to gain Keepsafe is native Google Play. However, you will certainly only gain the latest version here. To obtain older versions of Keepsafe girlfriend will need to look for its APK. The most secure website is APKmirror. However, right here you will discover versions as old together 2017. If you require an older version, UpToDown has actually them. When you download the APK you are looking for, i recommend you to analysis it through

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15 Cuentas KeepSafe Premium Gratis

At the end of your free Premium trial month, you will have to pay because that this version, save its complimentary basic functionality defined at the start or get involved in among the 15 complimentary KeepSafe Premium accounts the the creators of the application generously want to provide away to readers of Android Boss: 5 one-year accounts (each yearly account frequently costs $ 36) and 10 six-month accounts. Get in the adhering to page come participate:

Participation is simple: leave a discuss this article saying (convincingly!) Why you want to success a KeepSafe Premium account. We will choose the 15 ideal comments to give the licenses away, in stimulate of importance. If you want to have an ext possibilities (“votes” for her comment), you deserve to Tweet this article, follow the account / page of Android Boss and KeepSafe ~ above Twitter and Facebook.

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