This accomplishment is deserve by collecting every among the arbitrarily spawning vehicles and also bringing lock to one of Mario’s garages so the they are available in the Rebel fall menu. This is much simpler than finding all the vehicles was in Just cause 2, as there are only 47 vehicles you must collect and also the third Land car gear mod you unlock is a detector that screens an symbol when near vehicles like the video game does with other collectibles. You have the right to turn this ~ above at any type of time you like, yet I would advise working on these while doing various other collectible cleanup so that you aren’t safety a big amount that time looking about for the arbitrarily spawning vehicles with nothing rather to do.You can view the following video by Powerpyx because that possible/guaranteed spawn places for all the vehicles accessible in the game. You deserve to view the video clip description for timestamps for every one of the vehicles.

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Notes for specific VehiclesSqualo X7 (Boat) - This auto is the most annoying car to transaction with. That only has actually 2 generate points and also they room both in landlocked lakes, which method you have to move the watercraft out of the lakes to a garage. This have the right to be done yet you like, but I would certainly recommend waiting till you have all the tether upgrades (6x tethers and both stamin upgrades) and have unlocked the Urga Hrom D because that rebel drop. This helicopter has the highest possible power rating the the helicopters, therefore it deserve to lift the boat the easiest. Come lift the boat from one of the lakes you need to connect all the tethers in a reasonably uniform manner, then very closely lift and also move the watercraft to a garage there is no being too jerky. General movement will certainly snap the tethers eventually, so friend will have to jump come the underside that the helicopter with

and attach much more to the boat to avoid it native falling.Alternatively, if you have the Mech DLC, collecting this boat became significantly easier. As soon as you've unlocked the mech, pick the watercraft up through your GRIP and also drive it to the garage.Autostraad Reisender 7 (Semi Truck) - This vehicle has what seems to it is in the lowest spawn rate in the game, and if friend don’t manage to choose one up during general gameplay you might spend hrs looking about hoping because that one come spawn.

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That’s why I would recommend if you come throughout one you while doing anything various other than a story mission you automatically drop what you room doing and also take it to a garage. Also if you’re in the center of a difficulty quit out and grab it, due to the fact that you might not see one more again because that a long time since of the rare spawn rate.