Robert Ford was a reliable associate the the outlaw Jesse James, who ended up shoot him in the back of the head.

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This all occurred in 1882 which was your idea the the cowboy archetype timeperiod as with 1969 is the archetype the hippies.

I don't particularly like offering a many weight to name meanings and whatnot (e.g "Maeve means Sentient Robot in Sanskrit"), yet naming Anthony Hopkins personality Robert Ford appears to be a not-so-subtle hint at the nature the his character. I think that Robert Ford is a host, specifically among the earliest hosts created by Arnold. The complete lack of evidence that Arnold ever existed as a partner, aside from what Anthony Hopkins has mentioned, leader me to think that there was never a partnership in between two humans. Instead, there was only Arnold who started everything.

This leader me to the picture, i beg your pardon Bernard might only see two human being in, in spite of the spacing of claimed two human being being indicative the three human being being in the picture. This photo was of Arnold (who young name physically resembles), Robert Ford (The production of Arnold), and the organize said to be Robert Ford’s father (the development of Robert Ford, see next paragraph because that explanation).

Arnold began by developing a simple set of hosts. A straightforward prairie family: a mother, a father, and a son. It to be then that Arnold decides to use the dad of the host family members as a second set of hands. This initial father was Robert Ford. Arnold make Robert Ford capable of creating hosts, providing him enough self-awareness come know just how to create hosts and also give lock a spectrum the emotions, fairly than the basic primary ones. Robert Ford went onto do a replacement for himself in the prairie family, the guy he speak Bernard is his “father”. This is what the picture displays: 3 generations of creation. The cool Creator (Arnold), The Creator (Robert Ford), and the organize (The Father).

However, Arnold providing Ford the sentience to create would much more than likely give him the sentience to destroy. Arnold had actually instilled a self-awareness in Ford the he to be wary of, the expertise of how and also why it to be created. Because that the next couple of years, Arnold and also Ford functioned together to develop the infantile step of Westworld. The prairie family gave Arnold the understanding of the basics, how a household dynamic can be developed in AI. Now he and also his helper (Ford) had actually moved ~ above to producing a entirety town. Arnold was mindful that giving every one of the new hosts after Ford, the same level the sentience together Ford, can be dangerous. He ultimately created and also implemented the Bicameral Mind, the optimal of the pyramid, that kept hosts in examine with an within monologue based upon Arnold’s voice and also core values, yet with room to develop their very own layer of identity.

There are 86 (I think, not sure) ‘original’ hosts, which to be made during Arnold and Ford’s production of the first town. Dolores and also Teddy were amongst the first creations of Arnold through his new Bicameral Mind. Ford, however, struggled at first. The was only able to create hosts with the most straightforward of functions (hence the flashback whereby the hosts are being taught how to dance). Yet just as he had readjusted the personality of “The Father” to encompass actions the were solely human, such together the shown alcoholism, Ford to be able to record up v Arnold, yet never able to implement the Bicameral Mind right into the hosts he programmed. Ford could program emotions, storylines, and also safety precautions, however he might not replicate what Arnold had with the Bicameral mind code. Ford was mindful of the existence, but was unable to replicate it.

At some point, Ford might no much longer stand the idea of various other hosts having actually the Bicameral Mind and the potential implications it might have top top his existence. The had become a creator, a god, yet there to be a solitary other being the simply might code an abstract idea the Ford can not: Arnold, the grand Creator. So Ford eliminated Arnold.

Arnold eliminated himself, but not in the intended suicidal way. He killed himself by developing his killer, Robert Ford. There is no evidence of Arnold’s existence, no photographs, because he is simply seen as Bernard, Ford’s assistant who has been roughly for a lengthy time, with many, many employee rotations as the park grew. Ford had become the height of the hierarchy, gift The Creator, yet just together Bernard could not see the door, Ford can not deal with the maze.

The maze and its emblem space a safeguard put right into Arnold’s Bicameral psychic code, that would ensure that any of Arnold’s hosts created after Ford would seek when they had arisen to a particular point of sentience. Ford, having Arnold’s notes, is conscious of the maze’s existence and over the course of 30 year tried to just patch over the Bicameral Mind resource code while quiet yearning to know it. The bodies the Dolores watch in her memories, storage brought around by Ford’s Reverie update (an attempt at creating his own form of Arnold’s Bicameral psychic code), to be the result of the failsafe that was a component of the Bicameral psychic code. The nuclear option, that led to Arnold’s hosts to death every other host and then itself, in the occasion of the unthinkable, such as Arnold’s death. Arnold never wanted the worst instance scenario the the hosts transforming on humans, simply as Ford at some point input his own self-protecting code, similar to that of what protects the guests from one another. The switch acquired flipped once Ford eliminated Arnold, and the first town developed in Westworld, finished in self-destruction.

The initial investors were scared far by this, the suicide of one of the two creators (both thought to be human by the investors) after ~ his work had actually seemingly been a attention disaster and a failure, fairly than what yes, really happened. Ford controlled to endure the Bicameral Mind’s self-destruction and subsequently began to rebuild. However, the business facet of Westworld began to get in a ‘freefall’, until 5 or so years after the death of Arnold, once it to be financially rescued by Logan/Williams family’s investment. They saw the park 30 years before the male in black time frame. William falls in love v Dolores, who has is having actually her underlying Bicameral Mind password cross wires through Ford’s Reverie update. She remembers the self-destruct sequence, and has the Bicameral Mind password pulling her towards a location, which she has attempted numerous times just to dice on the way, which she additionally sees in she hallucination/memory sequences, she is complying with the note of the maze. Her journey v William is just one the her many attempts to go to whereby Arnold’s interior narrative is directing her, but, with William she succeeds in she journey. This is once the occurrence occurs. The exact same self-destruct function of the Bicameral mental code, crossed through Ford’s updates as he tries come ascend to the same understanding and creation capacity of Arnold, reasons her to kill Logan, and also William to kill her in self-defense. This suffer is what create the calloused male in black color that us see, who doesn’t feel the very same love because that his new wife that he did because that Dolores throughout their brief time together. He no intentionally develop a divide in between him and his wife, but his experience in the park attract him ago frequently together that is whereby he feels that he is the many alive. That invests his wife’s money right into Westworld, as he climbs the ranking of his brand-new in-laws agency to end up being a ‘Titan that Industry’.

After the fatality of his wife, wilhelm returns come the park a year prior to the present time frame of the show. This is when he do the efforts to see if he has actually it in him to be as evil as his daughter and also wife stated he was. He kills a homesteader and her daughter, Maeve. Although Maeve to be not one of Arnold’s Bicameral mental hosts, she is the unintended sentient host that Ford had been trying come create, prompted by the Reverie update that reasons her to remember the killing of she daughter, and also ultimately plot to build an army versus the human beings she blames for her existence and suffering. In the present day, william returns again as The man in Black, having done every storyline that deserve to be done in Westworld throughout his visits over the food of the past 30 years, other than for the maze mystery and identity of Arnold i m sorry he had actually found hints towards ever because Dolores kept mentioning it as soon as she was having her panicky episodes throughout his an initial visit v Logan. The MiB access time Dolores again, that he resents because that killing Logan and changing the food of his life. That is hell bend on complying with the maze hints he has found during his 30 year of visitation, v a VIP status because of his family’s large investment in it. Ford walk not desire the MiB to discover the center of the maze, i beg your pardon Ford will never be able to, just as Bernard could not check out the door. However, the cannot prevent the MiB due to the fact that he’s a VIP and there are so many civilization watching, paired v the hope the the MiB will certainly lead Ford to the facility of the maze so the Ford can deduce the Self-Destruct/ nuclear Option and eliminate it, the same reason he keeps Dolores about but in a continuous loop of torture, to research her in the hopes of detect his Achilles Heel the Arnold created. He location Teddy towards it, introducing the backstory of Wyatt, the destroyer. However, Teddy has actually glimpses that his authorized in Wyatts massacre, i beg your pardon was yes, really the self-destruction the the hosts prompted by Arnolds death.

The MiB has most recently discovered the ‘pretty faced’ woman that very first introduced him come Westworld on the train, an additional one the Arnold’s Bicameral Minded hosts. The woman stabs Teddy, non-fatally v an arrowhead to prevent further harm of the MiB, as Arnold never wanted master to turn versus humans, which lock have started to become capable of as result of the Reverie update crossing wires with the Bicameral Mind.

Teddy is displayed to be a host that Ford trust he can trust, i m sorry is why Ford create the brand-new backstory but pits him against Wyatt. The hosts the wear horns and also emerge in ~ the end of episode 8 are Wyatts followers, the original innovations of Arnold. Undetectable come QA and Behavior because of being seemingly component of Ford’s new narrative. Wyatt is not a host, but an idea, a deity, the voice that his followers all listen in your heads, the grand Creator, Arnold.

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Ford is fighting a fight on two fronts, to defend the world he feels he has domain over he must keep manage of Wyatt, however he also needs to safeguard himself from any type of human suspicions that could carry him down. This is Ford’s new narrative, that is building an army and also base of his very own to destroy Wyatts pendant without too lot suspicion from corporate. However, Maeve is now structure an military of her own identified to pressure vengeance ~ above the humans, she creators, and perhaps ultimately escape.