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John Oliver: allows talk about Halloween. As of tonight you have just four days to find your inappropriately sexy costume. Whether its inappropriately sexy Barney the dinosaur or a sexy candy corn or as playboys website freshly featured, and I swear come you this is true, a sexy john Oliver costume. That’s right. The is one actual photograph of a human being woman dressed approximately look choose a sexy me,. And also the worst thing is there’s an ext than one photo. I don’t recognize if I’ve ever been much more confused together I am best now. Back I'm pretty sure I'm not as confused as louis C. K is around his sexy doppelganger, that’s additionally real. Now at this point lets agree sexy Halloween costumes have actually simply gone too far yet it no matter because we all know what Halloween is really about candy, sweet street treats. This Halloween, american will spend 2.2 billion dollars on candy. Back to be fair that does encompass Necco wafers which could be much better classified together coagulated dust. Yet is it really fair to define sugar together a law considering we eat it all year round?Narrator: today the average American consumes 22 teaspoons of street a day, 3 times what us need. That’s same to 75 lbs. Of sugar a year because that every man, woman and child in the unified States.John Oliver: divine Shit. 75 lbs. Of sugar that’s favor eating Michael Cera load in street every solitary year. And look whilst that’s a small less 보다 it was in the late nineties its quiet pretty incredible. So lets talk about sugar, anyone loves it and also it turns out that due to the fact that we room genetically programmed to.Narrator: Eric Stice a neuroscientist in ~ the Oregon study Institute is using sensible MRI scanners come learn just how our brains respond to sweetness. “Sugar activates our brain in a special way that is really reminiscent that drugs choose cocaine.John Oliver: street activates our brains prefer cocaine. And I have to say Scarface would have actually been a an extremely different movie if it finished with Al Pacino sit in a chair sugared out of his mind off baked items saying to speak hello come my little Debbie, say hello. With sugar being so vicerally appeal to united state its frankly no wonder that food manufacturers put it in everything. And also I do typical everything.Narrator: about 35 percent of the sugars that Americans consume come indigenous beverages. But were likewise talking around salad dressings and also ketchups and also you know breads and cereals and crackers and also the perform goes on and also on also to beef and turkey jerky.John Oliver: We have no idea how prevalent sugar is in virtually everything that we eat, look in ~ clamato juice the initial tomato cocktail with clam. One serving has actually 11 grams of sugar in it. Therefore they plainly thought lets enhance the taste by including sugar rather of thinking lets boost the taste by removed the clam. And none the this would certainly be a problem were it not for the fact that together we all understand exo-sugar is more than likely not great for us. Both the world Health Organization and also the American heart Association have actually warned against eating to lot of it. And some studies imply that too much sugar deserve to literally mess v the brain.Narrator: This rat is perfectly healthy. Put him in a vat that water and also he discover his way to safety and security every time. Now look at this guy what he has been eating is the identical of a north American diet complete with all the fats and sugars we consistently consume. That doesn’t recognize where to go. His mind has been damaged.John Oliver: now I nothing think the rat is unable to uncover the island. I think that rat is saying f**k the island yes sir no street on the island and I want sugar, I desire sugar! that’s a Pixar movie waiting to happen by the way. But the sweetener market is no going to take it the findings of a wet puzzled rat lying down. There an immensely an effective 5 exchange rate dollar industry who dealt with for years to task their assets health benefits. The sugar association used to claim their product to be a diet aide, through ads placing it as cure because that the fat time the day, with a mrs saying, if sugar deserve to fill that hollow feeling I’m all for it. Due to the fact that yes nothing says I nothing feel hollow inside favor a mrs sitting every alone eating from a bag the sugar. Currently the sugar association has gained a little more sophisticated because then, below is there existing president.Narrator: as it relates to obesity there has been lot of of scientific research that exonerates sugar. That clarifies sugar is not, walk not add to excessive weight or diabetes.John Oliver: Really? sugar doesn’t contribute to obesity? I'm no saying it’s the just culprit but its definitely one that the crucial suspects. Questioning what reasons obesity is a little bit like questioning who eliminated a very first grade class’s hamster. Sure they all killed it in a means but ns think us all recognize one the them killed it the most. I’m talk to friend Kevin, you killed that hamster and you drove your father away there I said it. I stated it Kevin. I said it. Although to be fair, take it it back, to be fair there are some scientists who i disbanded the links between sugar and also obesity because that instance, this guy.

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Narrator: we take a facility situation favor obesity and we say well if gee if us just cut down sugar, sweet and also beverages or included sugars in basic that would fix obesity and also I think that is a an extremely slippery steep and virtually certainly wrong.