Red wings announce Joe luigi Arena melted ice cream vials on sale currently

Commemorate the "Farewell Season at The Joe" by purchasing melted ice from the historical arena; Proceeds advantage the Detroit Red wing Foundation

by Alex DiFilippo /

DETROIT - The Detroit Red Wings today announced that Joe luigi Arena melted ice vials are currently on sale. Fans have the right to purchase the limited-edition vials the melted ice that the Red wing skated on throughout the "Farewell Season in ~ The Joe" as the team prepares for the 2017-18 season at the state-of-the-art small Caesars Arena.

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The melted ice is had in a commemorative "Farewell Season in ~ The Joe" vial in ~ an official numbered 6" x 8" shadowbox framed picture from the "Farewell to The Joe Ceremony," which adhered to the last game at historic Joe luigi Arena. The melted ice cream vials are restricted to the an initial 3,000 purchased.

With proceeds benefiting the Detroit Red wings Foundation, the melted ice cream vials room $85 each (shipping included). The Detroit Red Wings foundation provides funds and also resources to worthy causes that add to the growth of the sports of hockey.

"The Detroit Red Wings foundation is thrilled to offer a distinctive opportunity for fans to support our reason while honoring the history at Joe luigi Arena," stated Kevin Brown, manager of neighborhood Relations & Detroit Red wing Foundation. "Celebrating the 38-year house of the Detroit Red Wings, this commemorative ice vials offer as a exorbitant keepsake - recording the essence of The Joe"s electrifying farewell."

For more information and also to purchase Joe louis Arena melted ice vials, visit

About the Detroit Red wing Foundation:The Detroit Red Wings structure is one affiliate the Ilitch Charities, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The structure invests later on of our neighborhood by providing funds and also resources come worthy causes that contribute to the development of the sport of hockey. Signature efforts such as the Detroit Red Wings college Assembly Program have introduced virtually 50,000 students every year to the sport of hockey, importance of education, and also benefits of living a healthy, active lifestyle. For an ext information, please visit

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About The Detroit Red Wings:The Detroit Red wing hockey club, an initial Six member the the national Hockey League and 11-time Stanley Cup Champion, to be purchased through Mike and also Marian Ilitch in 1982. Under Ilitch ownership, the team has actually won 4 Stanley Cup championships, 6 Presidents" Trophies as the"s constant season champion, and also 16 division titles. Other Ilitch carriers in the food, sports and entertainment sectors include: small Caesars Pizza, Blue line Foodservice Distribution, the Detroit Tigers, Olympia Entertainment, Olympia advance of Michigan, small Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraising Program, Ilitch Holdings, Inc., MotorCity Casino Hotel and Champion Foods. For an ext information,