Comedian Jim Gaffigan will carry out his 10th yearly year-end residency at the Pabst theatre Dec. 29 come 31 Credit: Courtesy of Pabst theater Group

The year might be young, however Jim Gaffigan"s already made plan for new Year"s Eve. The comedian, that you may have actually seen play Colonel Sanders in KFC"s recent ads, will be in ~ the Pabst theatre for his 10th annual residency Dec. 29 come 31.

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Gaffigan"s wife and writing companion Jeannie, who also serves together a writer and also an executive, management producer of his TV soil scripted collection "The Jim Gaffigan Show," flourished up in Milwaukee, and her family members still live in the area. The Gaffigan family spends the holidays in the Milwaukee area every year, wrapping up their continue to be with the Pabst theater performances. Gaffigan"s additionally been known to have actually his five children open select shows v a song and also dance routine.

This year, Gaffigan will certainly be presenting new material native his recent stand-up present "Fully Dressed."

Reserved seats room $55 because that the 7 p.m. Reflects Dec. 29 and also 30; and $55 and $85 because that the 10:30 p.m. Show new Year"s Eve. Meet and also greet packages are $150. Tickets are obtainable beginning at noon Friday at package office (144 E. Wells St.), the Riverside Theater crate office (116 W. Wisconsin Ave.), by calling (414) 286-3663 or visiting


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