Here's how to find the Jee Noh Shrine in Zelda Breath the the Wild, and overcome the top top the move Trial.

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Updated ~ above 5 may 2020

There room plenty of trials aimed at enhancing Link"s equipment in The Legend the Zelda: Breath the the Wild, and also one of these is the "On the Move" Trial. In this Zelda Breath that the Wild Jee Noh Shrine guide, we"ll be compiling every the info that you need to know heading right into this Shrine, for this reason you can make it out the other side as easily as possible.

Breath the the Wild Jee Noh Walkthrough

You"ll must travel throughout the canyon to with this shrineThis one needs a little bit the thought. Front of connect is bridge made of 2 platforms, each v a conveyor belt on top. This belts relocate a round along. The round disappears come the right and also reemerges from the left. Behind the leg is a platform v a feet in it, perfectly size for stated ball. You have actually to gain the ball right into that hole. This will open a door come the appropriate of the room.
This very first conveyor belt sets increase the remainder of the trialSwitch to her Stasis rune capacity and target the ideal bridge. Use stasis on it while the sphere is traveling follow me the left bridge. This should stop the round inline through the feet platform, allowing you to draw an arrow and shoot the sphere off the bridge and also into the hole. And also just like that you"ve opened up the door. Fine done!Head through the door and also you"ll see a comparable setup, although this time the bridge is gift patrolled by 2 spider opponents that will certainly blast you. You might opt to use Stasis ~ above the left bridge to stop the sphere and enable for simple targeting, in order come knock the ball into the hole, yet it"s pretty basic to target the moving ball and get the job done. This also limits her time near the spiders. As soon as the ball has been knocked right into the hole, head through the newly opened door ~ above the far finish of the room.Now things obtain properly tricky. You require to gain the round to the other side the the room, across the relocating platforms and also past the laser beams. Firstly you must pick the sphere up and also move it beside the conveyor belts. Ar it under again, then use Stasis top top the rightmost bridge to freeze time when a block is spanning the laser beam. Currently pick up the ball and head to the safe platform on Link"s next of the room.
From this safe platform you can set up the last stage of your journeyNote: Be sure to place the ball down whereby you desire it by pressing B. If you just switch come a rune capacity the round will role away and likely loss off a platform. You"ll then have to return come the start of the room to pick it up again.While ~ above the safe platform, put the ball down then usage Stasis top top the laser beam to the left that Link. This beam can"t be spanned by blocks. As soon as the beam is frozen and you can safely walk past it, choose up the ball and head towards the final laser beam. Currently walk on the spot to maintain a safe position until the relocating blocks covering the last beam and also you deserve to walk through.Place the round in the move hole and then head through the door to the end of the Trial.In the last room, wherein you uncover the conveyor belts and laser beams, there is a chest being relocated along. Usage Magnesis come grab organize of it and bring it over to the near side conveyor belts. Now wait for it to move down to your position and also open it.

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