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Unfortunately "The First Time" is no longer available to stream on Netflix It may rerotate later and you can constantly ask Netflix to put it earlier aacquire. For indevelopment around exactly how to research films and TV shows please follow this link: How To Ask Netflix To Add Your Favourite Movie or Show

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Date Added: first January 2018

Date Removed: 1st January 2019

Available for: 12 months


Dave is in love via the hottest girl in institution, Jane. Unfortunately, she just thinks of him as a friend. But a chance enrespond to via Aubrey leads to a hilariously awkward romance in this comedy that attributes a warm ensemble cast.

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Certificate: PG-13 Mature thematic elements involving teen sexuality, partying, and language

Year: 2012

Duration: 1hr 35m

Audio: English

Subtitles: English, Spanish

Cast and also Crew

Director: Jon Kasdan

Cast: Joshua Malina, Britt Robertkid, Jon Kasdan, James Frecheville, Craig Roberts, Dylan O"Brien, Christine Taylor, Victoria Justice, LaMarcus Tinker, Maggie Elizabeth Jones, Halston Sage, Lamarcus Tinker, Dylan O'Brien, Matthew Fahey

Production & Box Office Details:

"The First Time" was developed by Destination Films and also Samuel Goldwyn Films and also was initially released in 2012.







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