The actress visits through Mark and Cristina come talk about her new Hallmark Channel original Movie, “Christmas Land,” which premieres Sunday, December 20th at 8/7c top top Hallmark Channel. She doesn’t desire to give away too lot of the storyline, yet does lug a clip for the audience come enjoy. Nikki is also the mother of a three-year old son, Hudson and opens up about her battle with post-partum depression shortly after his birth, other she bonded over with her co-star, Maureen McCormick.

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Hanukkah Latkes with Pineapple Sauce

The author of “Kosher soul Food,” Sunda Croonquist is back in the kitchen v Cristina and this time she is food preparation up Hanukkah Latkes v Pineapple Sauce. This recipe has a twist because it contains colorful vegetables. She add to carrots, onions and also zucchini for the extra touch come the timeless Hanukkah dish.

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Making a Christmas Time Capsule

Debbie Matenopoulos creates a baby’s very first time capsule i m sorry is a great way to hold on to memories native Christmas time. Debbie provides her daughter Alexandra’s time capsule together an example. She includes Alexandra’s christening gown, photos and also her favourite children’s books. Debbie even included a an individual message to Alexandra and also places it in the capsule.

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Distressed Wood sign

Ken Wingard reflects you exactly how to make a distressed lumber sign. An initial things first, Ken recommends getting the timber at a hardware store and also if that is no distressed, you can develop the look through a hammer. For that antique look, usage furniture wax. After you room finished with the sign, you deserve to place it inside your residence or external in the yard.

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Tahj Mowry Interview

The gibbs talks about the season five premiere of alphabet Family’s “Baby Daddy” coming earlier on February 3rd. The actor points out that even though he no have youngsters of his own, he gets a many practice gift an uncle to 2 nephews and one niece. As well as acting, Tahj likewise released a new album, “Future Funk,” accessible on iTunes. He even teaches Mark and Cristina some dance moves!

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Ashley Tipton Interview

“Project Runway” winner Ashley Tipton talks around what motivated her to want to pursue creating to begin with. The fatality of Ashley’s grandmother to be what motivated her to audition for “Project Runway.” her grandmother had taught she to sew in ~ the period of seven and Ashley feel auditioning would be something she grandmother would have pushed for her to do. Ashley’s next step is to readjust the human being of plus-sized fashion.

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Great presents for sports Enthusiasts

Mark and also Cristina talk around favorite vacation memories they have actually from farming up. Cristina and Mark both agree the the holidays room all about family and gatherings. When it comes to holiday fun outdoors, Mark and also Cristina share with you some good gift ideas for those of all ages!

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Advantages the Bone Broth

Laura Nativo and also Dan Kohler team approximately talk about Bone Broth. Dan defines that it is for this reason popular since it contains so many nutrients. The broth can also serve as great source of minerals for dogs, together well. When cooking stock, Dan recommends keeping it in ~ the temperature that 170-190 degrees.

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DIY scent Pendants

Sophie Uliano mirrors you just how to do your an extremely own odor pendant, i m sorry serves together a wonderful gift idea. She reminds you to use important oils that are pure and also not adulterated. In the end, the whole DIY will cost you two dollars, but can price up to $40 in a sleeve shop.

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