Kiss My Face prides itself on wholesome personal treatment products for the whole family…because we care. We strive to assistance day-to-day family members worths while making it simpler to treatment for yourself and your family members.

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Our very efficient assets are made from as many type of close-to-nature, wholesome, high-quality, clean ingredients as possible…because we care around the ideal ingredients. It’s the mission of KMF to discover and combine these wholesome ingredients to produce the a lot of reliable and also consistently better body and personal care products almost everywhere in a healthy, sustainable method...because we treatment around the setting. 
Thunstable brand also background, Kiss My Face has made mainly vegan assets and also NEVER tested those products on animals; paraben and also phthalate cost-free products are additionally gentle to world and the planet…because we treatment around what goes on your body and we care around you!
Kiss My Face was originally established by Bob Macleod and also Steve Byckiewicz on a 200 acre farm in New York’s beautiful Hudson River Valley. The individual care firm started at the dawn of the 1980’s through its renowned massive, green, olive bars of soap from Greece.
Nov. 6, 2018, Aliph Brands announced acquisition of the assets of Kiss My Face together with plans to operate and proceed to grow the brand also and product offerings through its best-in-course licensing partnerships.
March 4, 2019, Aliph Brands announced a brand-new partnership through Windmill Health Products and Celnote Internationwide to relaunch the Kiss My Face brand also. Windmill"s portfolios of brands are marketed nationwide and worldwide to over 150,000 retail places, including: herbal stores, independent pharmacies, grocery, mass market, chain drugstores, and warehome clubs. Celnote is a leading specialized R&D manufacturer in the organic skin treatment, dietary supplement and cosmeceutical industry.
2020-2021 Transitioning to a brand-new look, new categories, and finest development while continuing to be true to original, high-top quality formulations.
Aliph and its partners endeavor to invigorate the brand also and its existing commodities while remaining true to its structure, staying on peak of patterns, and broadening right into new, synergistic categories.
Kiss My Face commodities satisfy consumer demands for “Clean” individual treatment. This equates right into the ingredients we use and our care for people, animals, and also the planet. We are also committed to excellence via quality formulas, development, and maintaining our brand also ideology.

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It’s the mission of KMF to discover and also combine the ideal ingredients to produce the most efficient and also continuously much better body and personal treatment assets anywhere in a healthy, sustainable method. Luxurious formulations combine organic and also organic botanicals whenever possible together with vitamins and essential oils. Combined with cutting edge science, Kiss My Face brings you wonderful assets that work!
Thunstable agency background, Kiss My Face has made mostly vegan commodities and also NEVER tested those assets on animals. Sustainable, plant based ingredients have actually been offered to be gentle to civilization and also the planet. At KMF, our goal is to walk gently and also respectfully with the earth.


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