Friday the 13th: The game fans may obtain to team increase or go head come head regardless of platform together the developers confirm that cross-platform play is right now being worked on.

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With only a couple of days left before Friday the 13th: The Game is ultimately released, football player are undoubtedly deciding whether PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or pc will be their platform of choice. When single-player might be out of the question, fans might not need to concern so much about platform selection for multiplayer because the developer, total Media, has evidenced that cross-platform play is at this time in the works.

In solution to the concern of whether the game will be cross-platform over at the FAQ ar of the official Friday the 13th: The Game website, gun Media says that cross-platform play in between all 3 launch platforms is right now being functioned on. However, the developer did no reveal whether this attribute will be accessible at launch because of "logistical issues" that currently need to be ironed out prior to cross-platform play deserve to be confirmed, arguing that it will certainly be patched into the video game at some allude in the future. What those "logistical issues" room not known, but Friday the 13th: The Game is much from the very first title come run into cross-platform implementation problems, hence it is understandable have to the function not be accessible at launch.

"We expect to make this cross-platform between all 3 launch platforms, but there are quite a few logistical concern to solve before we can confirm. Several of which are out of our control."

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if it may seem like game is lacking a few features at the moment given that cross-platform pat is seemingly increase in the air, as well as the absence of a Friday the 13th: The Game single-player mode until the Summer, the multiplayer mode is meat out sufficient that fans won"t get bored for some time yet.

through players given the choice between playing as the machete-wielding Jason Voorhees or the rat-pack of targeted camp counselors, and also the unique old-school horror atmosphere from the 80s, Friday the 13th: The Game is looking prefer it will certainly have enough content because that players not to worry around cross-play for the time being.

Cross-platform pat will certainly be a welcome enhancement for the game and the reality that gun Media room working hard on the is a good sign, yet we"ll just have to wait and also see even if it is the function will ultimately make it into the game. Based on what"s been shown of Friday the 13th: The Game so much though, pan will get their re-superstructure of scares and thrills nevertheless of platform choice.

Friday the 13th: The Game is booked for launch on may 26th for playstations 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Friday the 13th: The Game FAQ

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