As a young man I idolized Bo Jackson. I want to it is in the an initial white Bo Jackson in a manner of speaking. Ns loved sports and also still do. I played them as regularly as I could with the neighborhood boys. 

I to be unfortunate to not have actually very an excellent support native my parental in playing sporting activities throughout my junior high and high institution years. Ns played one year that football, mine senior, and in a various town.

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I flourished up in Alaska and my town did not have a football team once I was going to high school. I did however try out because that baseball. Mine coach did not take me and also when i asked why i was told that i missed too numerous try-out practices. The factor for the is that my parental felt it much better for me to work-related than pat sports. 

So I, favor many children in this world, missed the end on what it was favor to play and shot to be the best to win a scholarship (I am not making that mistake v my child. She is now into soccer and my wife and also I space supporting her, and will assistance her with whatever sport she wants to try).

Bo to be the best in his day. He can run the sphere with ease and also run over linebackers that various other ball carrier feared. Brian Bosworth deserve to testify come this. For this reason can plenty of others. 

His football career was one of awe motivating moments. Baseball was no different. His amazing catches, running up and also flipping off the earlier wall, his litter from outfield to home just in time so the catcher could tag the end the runner, his bat breaking ability. 


Everyone was talking around the things he did end the weeks together I checked out school. 

Okay, here is how big of a fan I was. I read his books. I tried to gain my hands on all his cards. I was obsessed some might say. 

I mental in seventh grade I available to do a guy"s science home work because that the Bo Jackson football/baseball card. I had looked everywhere and with all the cards i bought i still might not obtain one. This kid had one and also I was an excellent at scientific research so us bargained. 

At the finish I lost out. As soon as all was said and also done that told me that someone stole the card out of his locker. I should have actually tore increase the homework and walked off, but I was so pissed I just handed him the work and left. 

If i would have actually known the the kid was walking to end up in jail by the moment we were freshmen I would certainly never have messed through him in ~ all. 

I was and also still am a Bo fan. Ns feel that he need to be inducted right into the room of reputation for baseball and also football just for being the very first of his kind. I recognize that Jim Thorpe to be technically the first to play multiple sports, but not ~ above the level together Bo. Cocky Deion Sanders to be good, however was no Bo Jackson.

Bo was kind to the fans and also those approximately him. That was no a cocky jerk that thought the sport or the fans owed him prefer others today. 

So for all the Bo fans, let us hope that the NFL and also MLB will offer us what we want and also put Bo whereby he belongs. The room of Fame.

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