Commanding keyboards in iOS 9

Typing in iOS is nice self-explanatory, yet a couple of tricks are straightforward to miss. The iOS 9 keyboard has actually a brand-new typeface, and also it now displays characters in lowercase and uppercase . Keying on the iPad becomes a lot less complicated in iOS 9, many thanks to new QuickType bar shortcuts and the capacity to rotate the keyboard into a trackpad.

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The iOS 9 key-board makes typing even faster ~ above the iPad, thanks to brand-new QuickType shortcuts for cut, copy, paste, and also other actions. Girlfriend can even place 2 fingers on the key-board to choose text.

Special keyboard Parts

QuickType bar: This automatically suggests words together you type. Insanity one come insert it. The iPad uses shortcuts here for typical actions prefer cut, copy, paste, undo, and also redo. More/Numbers: Tap right here to watch numbers and also special characters. Next/Emoji: This an essential appears only if one extra keyboard is installed. Tap that to move keyboards. Organize it to watch a perform of installed keyboards. If the just other keyboard mounted is Emoji, this key shows a smiley face. If some other key-board is installed, the vital shows a globe. Dictate: Tap to speak words, and have iOS transcribe them, instead of typing. (Not accessible on iPad 2.) Period: organize this vital while typing a URL in Safari to see shortcuts for domains, such as .com and .net. Hide Keyboard: Tap right here to dismiss the keyboard.

Typing Basics

Insert the cursor: tap in a message area. Move the cursor: Tap where you desire it come go. Move the cursor v precision: Touch and also hold typed text until a magnifying glass appears. Slide the cursor whereby you desire it. QuickType: as you type, the QuickType bar suggests words. Madness one to insert it. Hide QuickType: to hide the QuickType bar, swipe that down. To show the bar, swipe up on the little handle. Or to hide the bar much more fully, press and hold the Next/Emoji an essential and turn off the Predictive switch.

Typing Timesavers

Text replacement: You have the right to enter commonly used bits of text, such together your email address, by typing just a few characters. Because that example, I’ve created a shortcut where, once I kind xtb, it’s changed with TidBITS .
v its inexplicable casing, TidBITS is tough to form on the iOS keyboard, however I can speed increase typing through a shortcut.

To produce a brand-new shortcut, tap setups > general > keyboard > text Replacement and also tap the to add + button in the upper right. In the expression box, type the text you desire to it is in entered; in Shortcut, type a faster way for it. Insanity Save.

Tip: Michael Cohen’s Take regulate of TextExpander defines a better way come substitute text on iOS and the Mac.

Copy text: Touch and hold the text, until a magnifying glass photo appears. Release your finger and a popover appears. To choose all text, tap choose All. Or, insanity Select and also then traction the handles to highlight the message you wish to copy. Madness Copy ~ above the popover switch or madness the Copy switch on the QuickType bar.
come copy text, touch and hold the text you great to copy to open up a popover; then tap Select, pick the wanted text, and tap Copy.

Note: The keyboards of the iphone phone 6 models have a few extra keys for usual functions, prefer copy and paste. (As this book went to production, these keys show up to be different from those ~ above the iPad’s Quick type bar.)

Paste text: Touch and hold in the text-entry area wherein you want to paste text to reveal the magnifying glass image. Release and also tap dough on the popover or, if you’re making use of an iPad, top top the QuickType bar. Special characters: inputting special characters, choose è or ü, is simple in iOS. Press and hold the base letter on the keyboard—for example, e because that è—until a popover appears, then tap the personality you desire to type.

Is shift On?

A complaint around iOS 7 and also iOS 8 is the it’s nearly impossible to tell whether the Shift key is involved or not. Apple has fixed this in iOS 9 by do the keyboard display in either lowercase or uppercase, depending upon whether shift is engaged. You’ll never have to guess again!

But if the lowercase keyboard bothers you, tab setups > basic > access > Keyboard and also then turn off show Lowercase Keys.

Where room Character Previews?

“Bubble” previews of each crucial you press (on the iphone phone only) room disabled through default in iOS 9, for protection purposes. Bring them earlier by permitting Character Preview in setups > basic > Keyboard.

How come Dictate

Tap wherein you want your text to go.

~ above the keyboard, tap the Dictate vital
come the left the the space bar. Talk. Be sure to clearly speak punctuation and spaces (for example, “Hi comma Tony period”). Insanity Done.

Unfortunately, you can not delete or edit text utilizing dictation—saying “delete” or “backspace” just species those words.

Note: each word is typed as shortly as it is recognized, so girlfriend can quickly spot mistakes.

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Note: i m really sorry iPad 2 users…the iPad 2 doesn’t support dictation.


Originally offered in Japan, emoji are tiny pictographs. With emoji, because that example, rather of inputting a colon, hyphen, and parenthesis :-) to indicate a smile, you can form a cute smiley face