Now the you’ve mounted iOS 10 on your iPhone, you’ve most likely noticed some brand-new features, particularly in the message app. Yes sir disappearing ink, a illustration tool, and loads of distinct effects. Friend probably have actually a couple of questions. Therefore what better time than now to gain acquainted through the coolest iOS 10 blog post features? Especially prior to your girlfriend do.

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Apple’s iOS 10 release was the that company most far-ranging departure from its core software in years. One design and also release cons in particular stood out until Tuesday: messages on iphone phone were not compatible through the messages on a Mac computer, for this reason anything interaction or innovative the Apple did because that iOS appeared as mere message on a laptop. With macOS Sierra, the problem’s to be solved.

Back to the best new iOS 10 post features: part “innovations” room actually just direct ripoffs from various other recently well-known chat applications, like Slack, but that’s the brand-new normal for tech companies. And the reality that apologize crashed one existing market only means more competition, which will certainly yield even better products and also features. But you’re not here for contextualization — you’re below to wow her friends.

Without further ado, below are the eight best new Messages features, ranked. (Needless to say, you’ll very first need to download iOS 10, and also the complete experience will just be shared with other iOS 10 users.)

8. Landscape attract Mode

This is a neat function for as soon as you want to add a bit an ext personality come a message, and it’s in reality something tasks might’ve approved. As soon as companies like Blackberry began to release phones with styluses, tasks scoffed. The felt the fingers were far superior, far simpler, and also would success out. For this reason he created the iPhone. Four years ~ his 2011 death, Apple exit the to apologize Pencil — a stylus. Yet with this messages landscape draw mode, Apple’s return to Jobs’s preference: fingers end styli.


How: rotate off Portrait Orientation Lock. Open up up Messages, then pick a conversation. Tilt her phone to see mode. Begin drawing, or pick from the collection of pre-crafted options.

7. Digital Touch

This attribute will catch your eye at an initial pass, however odds space low that you’ll use it frequently. Digital touch allows you to send sketches that draw prior to the recipient’s eyes (so long as they have actually iOS 10, the is), send “taps” the blossom prior to the recipient’s eyes, and also do the very same for fireballs, kisses, heartbeats, and heartbreaks. The kitschy, and probably won’t be provided too often. The one neat usability is the you deserve to use digital touch to attract as your document a video.


How: open up up Messages, then select a conversation. Click the switch with the heart and two fingers. Draw or tap top top the black screen, or pick the video clip camera icon to add Digital Touch effects prior to or after girlfriend record.

6. Photo Markup

This is a straight jab in ~ Snapchat, i m sorry has, against huge odds, developed itself together a solid player in the messaging and social network game. Markup enables you to attract on photos, to add weird portal-esque circular home windows that replicate zoomed parts of the photo (just shot it out; you’ll understand), and also to add text (including emojis). Where it improves upon Snapchat, however, is v the draw function. If you attract a fairly simple shape — a circle, a line, or a squiggle — and then pick the shape, you’ll see some controls pop up. If you attracted a form too complex, girlfriend won’t get the shape cleanup alternative — yet if you attracted a shitty circle, Markup will sell to exactly it for you. You have the right to then resize and restructure the pretty circle, and, utilizing the hit thickness selector in the bottom ideal corner, adjust your shape’s thickness.


How: open up up Messages, then pick a conversation. Click the camera icon, take it a photo, and then click the resultant preview in your message box. A larger preview should appear. In the bottom left the the screen, click “Markup.” The pen is selected by default, with the various other two Markup choices to that is right.

5. Reactions

Reactions is a direct jab in ~ Slack, i m sorry took over the media human being with that playful-but-practical chat app, and also at Facebook, which included its very own Reactions attribute in February. It permits you to reaction to her friends’ messages, and messages girlfriend send yourself. You can add a heart, a thumbs up, a thumbs down, a haha, one exclamation point, or a inquiry mark. It’s choose annotating texts. The only difficulty is that, uneven in Slack, multiple reaction to the same blog post (say, in a group chat) end up being indistinguishable; all are surprise behind the many recent reaction.


How: Messages, conversation. Type a paragraph, especially one that recommendations emotions or objects. Click the emoji keyboard. Watch a few chosen words bright orange. Click it and Messages will certainly either change the word v an emoji or provide you part potential replacements native which come choose.

3. Balloon Effects

Hearing around these effects made lock seem much less cool 보다 they actually are. Once you walk in and use them, ideally through close friends, the results can add an additional layer of meaning to online conversations. “Bubble,” that course, describes the text bubble. You can pick from four options (for now): Slam, Loud, Gentle, or Invisible Ink. The invisible ink effect is by much the ideal of the bunch. The conceals text, photos, or GIFs till the receiver drags his finger throughout the message, then only reveals the contents for as long as that takes to read. The other effects include emphasis or reduce emphasis.

How: type a message, or choose a photo or GIF. Host your finger ~ above the blue up arrow, the one you’d hit come send the message. Swipe ideal to choose your bubble effect, then hit the blue up arrow from that screen.

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2. Display screen Effects

This is the one with actual wow potential, and also the one that your friends may not know around just yet. You deserve to now send messages the animate your recipient’s entire screen. The five choices are Balloons, Confetti, Lasers, Fireworks, and also Shooting Star, every one of which are pretty entertaining. (Apple will most likely release much more and much more of these screen and also bubble results with future updates.)

How: perform what girlfriend did to obtain to bubble effects, then click “Screen” instead of “Bubble” up top. Swipe right to see much more options. Send effect. Say “wow.”

1. Outside Media

The best feature is something the Apple should’ve included long ago. Now, exterior media — links, tweets, videos, etc. — show up within her conversation. No much longer will a YouTube link send you to the godforsaken Safari app; instead, it will certainly play best within your exchange. Therefore too through tweets and also links, which offer previews. The good, and an extremely much overdue.