ns am trying to run an anova design in R. I have a data document which contains 3 rows and 12 columns. Each heat is data for a particular level the the explanatory variable. Cell is the j"th solution for level i. The paper is ".dat" extension. Ns am to run the following R code to shot to gain a 36 by 2 data framework to operation the anova model instead of the 3 through 12 initial data frame:

data but when I try to gain the anova model out of that I obtain the invalid list kind error:

m1 What am ns doing wrong here?

Here"s a random procession if that will certainly help:

replicate(12, rnorm(3))Here is the str(data) result:

str(data)"data.frame": 36 obs. That 2 variables: $ period :List that 36 ..$ 1 : int 1 ..$ 2 : int 1 ..$ 3 : int 1 ... ..$ 36: int 3 $ Price:List the 36 ..$ 1 : int 2300 ... ..$ 36: int 2075
r anova
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tl;dr rows the data frames are lists, not numeric vectors. Once you read.table() you acquire a data structure (so constructing a matrix, as I walk before, doesn"t replicate the problem).

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data The truth that this is a list, no a numeric vector, is a problem.There room a range of ways of handling this. The simplest is unlist():

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The error blog post invalid type (list) because that variable x native the lm or other formula-based functions generally suggests that change x is expecting a vector, yet instead is a list. A standard model for debugging the error is to examine the result of str(data_frame_name$x) (where data_frame_name is the data framework that has x). Usually, girlfriend would uncover that x is not fairly the data type that friend expect.

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