3. An unusual CircumstanceZone: ColdharbourObjective: The Moonless go — Rescue the fighters Guild native the Moonless Walk.

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Quest Giver: Tzik’nithLocation(s): The Moonless WalkPrerequisite Quest: right into the WoodsReward: Bow that Penumbra + 352 Gold

– quick Walkthrough –

Talk to Tzik’nith.(Optional) speak to Faraniel.Recover the lamia eggs.Talk come Tzik’nith.Collect the an essential shards.Talk to Queen Fah’jik in ~ the main camp.Talk come Tzik’nith in ~ the ruined Passage.Take the light of Meridia.Talk come King Laloriaran Dynar.

– in-depth Walkthrough –

Tzik’nith notifies you that the zero Walkers room holding the Lamia eggs as hostage in their camp and asks girlfriend to gain them back. For the optional objective, talk to Faraniel before you leave and she will certainly request you not kill any of she brethren. Once asked how, she notes that the camps space poorly defended and also sneaking in should be easy.

Go to the camp and also retrieve the eggs. Tzik’nith will fulfill you just external the camp. She speak you that the Queen’s eggs are being maintained on the floating rock above the camp whereby the shadow Walkers’ elders live. In stimulate to acquire there, a crucial is needed; the 2 shards the the crucial are defended by guardians nearby. Questioning Tzik’nith for advice on just how to get past the guardans there is no violence will certainly earn a derisive remark; if you have the Persuasion perk, she will keep in mind that poignant a wisp that light would probably permit you to get past castle undected.

Touch the adjacent wisp of light to rotate the guardians passive or just kill them, follow the pursuit marker to Queen Fah’jik, and follow her through the portal. Friend will uncover the Queen and her Lamia standing over the corspes the the elders. Fah’jik is unapologetic, claiming the the elders would certainly not hear to reason and without their leadership, the continuing to be Shadow Walkers will crumble.

Return come Tzik’nith, slip through the passage, and also talk to the forecast of King Laloriaran Dynar to finish the quest.

NotesIn ancient Greek mythology Lamia to be a mrs or female monster that recorded human babies. Here the lamia babies space the victims.

To complete the optional objective and avoid killing any type of Wood Elves:Sneak into the camps wherein the lamia eggs room held.

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Touch a Wisp the Light prior to going after ~ the an essential shards; this will make the Guardians passive in the direction of you.