3. An Unusual CircumstanceZone: ColdharbourObjective: The Moonmuch less Walk — Rescue the Fighters Guild from the Moonmuch less Walk.

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Quest Giver: Tzik’nithLocation(s): The Moonless WalkPrerequiwebsite Quest: Into the WoodsReward: Bow of Penumbra + 352 Gold

– Fast Walkvia –

Talk to Tzik’nith.(Optional) Talk to Faraniel.Recover the lamia eggs.Talk to Tzik’nith.Collect the key shards.Talk to Queen Fah’jik at the main camp.Talk to Tzik’nith at the Ruined Passage.Take the Light of Meridia.Talk to King Laloriaran Dynar.

– Detailed Walkvia –

Tzik’nith indevelops you that the Shadow Walkers are holding the Lamia eggs as hostage in their camp and asks you to get them back. For the optional objective, talk to Faraniel prior to you leave and she will repursuit you not kill any type of of her brethren. When asked how, she notes that the camps are poorly protected and sneaking in should be straightforward.

Go to the camp and also retrieve the eggs. Tzik’nith will certainly fulfill you simply outside the camp. She tells you that the Queen’s eggs are being retained on the floating rock above the camp wright here the Shadow Walkers’ elders live. In order to obtain tbelow, an essential is needed; the two shards of the essential are protected by guardians nearby. Asking Tzik’nith for advice on how to gain past the guardans without violence will certainly earn a derisive remark; if you have actually the Persuasion perk, she will note that emotional a wisp of light would certainly more than likely permit you to obtain previous them undected.

Touch the nearby wisp of light to turn the guardians passive or ssuggest kill them, follow the pursuit marker to Queen Fah’jik, and also follow her through the portal. You will certainly uncover the Queen and also her Lamia standing over the corspes of the elders. Fah’jik is unapologetic, claiming that the elders would not listen to factor and also without their management, the continuing to be Shadow Walkers will crumble.

Rerotate to Tzik’nith, slip through the passage, and also talk to the estimate of King Laloriaran Dynar to finish the search.

NotesIn ancient Greek mythology Lamia was a womale or female monster that recorded humale babies. Here the lamia babies are the victims.

To finish the optional objective and stop killing any Wood Elves:Sneak right into the camps wright here the lamia eggs are organized.

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Touch a Wisp of Light before going after the crucial shards; this will make the Guardians passive towards you.