Between conception and also release, Todd Solondz's 2001 follow-up come Happiness lost one that its three stories and a the majority of music created by the Scottish team Belle & Sebastian. Amongst the cuts was this title track around the perils and also responsibilities of make narratives. Perhaps that's because, through lines choose "stories are all fiction from their moment of birth," it summed up the film's themes a tiny too well—arguably far better than the spotty movie that motivated it.

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4. Screamin' Jay Hawkins, "I placed A order On You" (from Stranger 보다 Paradise)

Why does Eszter Balint, recently arrived indigenous Hungary, keep blaring Screamin' Jay Hawkins' abrasive, intoxicating struggle upon arriving in America? Is she trying to fit in by play her idea the American music? nothing else around her behavior argues that, and also her old-world ways continually irritate she peevish, self-consciously American cousin john Lurie. The tune seems totally at odds with her deadpan personality, and also yet native the minute she beginning the movie, she does, in the film's low-key fashion, actors a spell on Lurie and his sidekick Richard Edson, prompting them to break loose from their brand-new York rut and also see a bit of the country, also if it's largely snowy lakefront beaches and cramped motel rooms. Hawkins screams what Jim Jarmusch's movie only whispers: also those too cool to admit it deserve to hear the sirens singing.

5. The Shins, "New Slang" (from Garden State)

"What room you hearne to?" asks the writer-director-actor with the perceptible emo eyes. "The Shins. You know them?" replies the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, bouncing in her chair. "You gotta hear this one song. It'll adjust your life." This one tune is "New Slang," and while it's a small hard to believe that The Shins could change anyone's life—their song were never ever meant to execute that kind of hefty lifting—Zach Braff's iPod playlist lugged the tape newfound prominence. If Garden State can be dubbed Braff's attempt to carry out The Graduate because that Generation Y, climate The Shins are his Simon & Garfunkel, commenting (however obliquely) ~ above the story of a twentysomething mope in search of some direction.

6. DJ Shadow, "Dark Days" (from Dark Days)

Marc Singer's stark, black-and-white documentary—about a ar of homeless civilization dwelling in new York subway tunnels—is equally fascinating and also unnerving, showing how refugees from proper culture carve out a ar for themselves, constructed from our garbage. For this reason who far better to collection the mood than DJ Shadow, who digs v the music that others leaving behind? on this soundtrack, together in many of his work, zero reshapes old documents into thick soundscapes, evoking the sort of modern anxieties the drive people underground.

7. Glenn Hansard & Marketa Irglová, "Falling Slowly" (from Once)

Most movies around fictional musicians autumn short since the songs are weak, and also it's hard to care around aspiring stars who show minimal talent. Once, by contrast, renders no an excellent claims because that its Dublin busker hero (played by The Frames' glenn Hansard, who likewise wrote the music), yet as soon as he and also his new friend Marketa Irglová rendezvous in a music shop and he teaches her exactly how to beat his song "Falling Slowly," your understated performance and also the basic beauty of the tune ring true together a bell. Proper 15 minutes into Once, the movie access time an emotional peak, putting the audience automatically in Hansard's corner.

8. Stealers Wheel, "Stuck In The middle With You" (from Reservoir Dogs)

Cultural historians continue to dispute how the an easy act the not reflecting a man gaining his ear cut off touched off a change in independent cinema, make stomach-turning violence, brutal irony, and slacker kitsch into arthouse staples. Walk Quentin Tarantino's usage of offscreen space make the step so effective? to be it the sudden transition away indigenous chitchat after all the lengthy stretches of motor-mouthed dialogue? Or was it just that anyone watching the movie suddenly remembered just how much they liked Stealers Wheel's '70s pop-rock chestnut?

9. Pink Floyd, "Hey You" (from The Squid and also The Whale)

When in-over-his-head high-school college student Jesse Eisenberg cases he composed this plaintive number native Pink Floyd's mammoth ide album The Wall, it's indicative the the character's habit of borrowing ideas and also attitudes from others quite than doing the difficult work of becoming his very own man. It's additionally indicative of the type of human being he is—earnest, pretentious, and self-mythologizing—that he's a Pink Floyd pan in the an initial place.

10. Sufjan Stevens, "Chicago" (from Little miss out on Sunshine)

The large musical step in Little miss Sunshine come at the end, as soon as Abigail Breslin rocks the talent portion of her beauty pageant with a lewd dance collection to rick James' "Super Freak." In the process, one already-preposterous movie hits its nadir. Far far better is a rare lyrical moment early on in the film, as soon as Breslin's family's yellow VW microbus crisscrosses arid Southwestern interstates while Sufjan Stevens' surging "Chicago" provides a pointless quest a tint of grandeur.

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11. Arvo Pärt, "Spiegel im Spiegel" (from Gerry)

Anyone who didn't know what they were in for through Gus valve Sant's preventive Gerry probably gained an inkling in the first five minutes, which is composed of Matt Damon and also Casey Affleck driving under a remote, dusty road, if the camera records the shifting landscape and orange sunlight, and this gentle minimalist composition by Estonian avant-garde composer Pärt dram softly top top the soundtrack. The tune is an overture for the totality film, creating a design template of sedateness and fragile beauty, v an undertone the foreboding.

12. Yes, "Heart the The Sunrise" (from Buffalo '66)

For the many part, Buffalo '66 is an offbeat psychodrama about an obnoxious ex-felon and also his intolerable family, but in the last moments, writer-director-star Vincent Gallo inserts a stunning distinct effect: a 360-degree pan approximately a freeze-framed barroom shootout, set to the prog-rock rumble the Yes. The scene has little to execute with the remainder of the movie, but it to be jaw-dropping in the pre-Matrix days of 1998, and it's quiet pretty cool today. Even far better is the Buffalo '66 trailer, which offers "Heart that The Sunrise" behind a rapid succession of stills from the movie, making the movie look much more stylistically daring than it actually is.

13. The Jackie Robinson Steppers Marching Band, "Ooh Child" (from Our Song)

Jim McKay's touching slice the life adheres to a group of 15- and 16-year-old African-American girls throughout summer vacation in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and the various dramas that trouble their lives: an unwanted pregnancy, the moving dynamics of your friendship, the possibility of having to begin a new school year in an unfamiliar high college in faraway Queens. However amid all these problems, the young females happily retreat to the comforting formations the the Jackie Robinson Steppers, a real-life marching tape that gives Our Song an authentic local flavor and also a sense of civic unity. The band's superb rendition of "Ooh Child"—the eponymous "our song"—addresses their pertains to with a emotional directness.

14. Theodore Shapiro and also Craig Wedren, "Higher and also Higher" (from Wet warm American Summer)

Part gut-busting parody, part '80s nostalgia piece, Wet warm American Summer was tailored especially for Gen-X latchkey kids who grew up watching summer-camp comedies choose Meatballs, Poison Ivy (with Michael J. Fox and Nancy McKeon), and also SpaceCamp ~ above VHS. Many of the laughs come from the scrupulous period details, choose the dated clothing and also hairstyles, and sub-subgenre conventions that have long because been retired. To that end, Theodore Shapiro and Craig Wedren's score reaches good heights that inspirational cheese, specifically on the made-for-montage anthem "Higher and Higher," once a chef reflects a weepy camp counselor "the way." through the aid of a squealing electrical guitar and a pumped-up chorus ("Show me the fever / right into the fire"), the young man is Karate Kid-ed come short-lived glory.

15. Phil Collins, "Sussudio" (from American Psycho)

David Letterman supplied to complain around the Phil Collins fight "Sussudio" once it came to be unavoidable in 1985, because what the hell is a "Sussudio"? American Psycho protagonist Patrick Bateman doesn't offer any kind of answers in the center of a long monologue about Genesis and Phil Collins interrupted only by instructions to a pair the hookers. Probably that's since Collins has actually admitted he simply kind of made words up as part of an improvised lyric. Yet that doesn't stop Bateman from introduce to it as "a great, an excellent song, a an individual favorite," and it's a perfect selection for someone that doesn't know the win that relocate him, or why they journey him to perform what he does.

16. Three 6 Mafia, "It's tough Out right here For A Pimp" (from Hustle & Flow)

Before "pimpin' ain't easy" became a popular T-shirt slogan, that was simply something pimps knew. Craig Brewer's 2005 film worked in part because that showed just how tough it can be out there, and also made Terrence Howard's pimp seem virtually sympathetic, in the amount of angsty effort he put into his hustle. Yet unsavory his business, he's ultimately just an additional working stiff through a dream.

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Sofia Coppola uncovered the perfect accompaniment for her feature debut's story of '70s suburban tragedy in Air's warm-but-unsettling backward-looking score. "Playground Love"—which opens with the currently "I'm a high-school lover and also you're my favourite flavor," sounds all at once inviting and also unsavory, like a picture of a pep rally tangled up with the storage of what go on underneath the bleachers.