Dear all, We apologize for such a late reply. Unfortunately, there are no answer secrets available for students. At leastern, not at the minute. We might think about having actually them obtainable to students, however. Thank you for utilizing KLEAR textpublications.

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Please perform consider making a answer vital. On behalf of my fellow students and also myself, the one major weakness via this message is the absence of answers. Especially if we don’t have actually a teacher or access to a native speaker. This is a good series, but we perform require the answers!


I apologize for any inconvenience. We’re still doubtful to make the keys obtainable to students because many type of instructors usage the exercises in the WB as graded assignment. We can have the ability to publish it in the close to future however. Thank you for your patience!


Please carry out rethink about your place on publishing the answer keys. The series is the finest by far that we have actually found for self-research, after having actually tried 2 others (Tuttle and 1 other). However, we have noticed that without a solution key, we have gained negative actions that are hard to correct later. I understand also your reluctance to release answers to exercises that are used in university classes. However misusage of the answers can just improve one’s grade a tiny amount with such a difficult language, while the advantage to world examining on their own would be massive.Thanks,Sumit Sen



Is tright here a solution vital easily accessible to inspect our accuracy of the dental exercises which we must write? I cannot tell if my answers are best or not.

I’d like to know if tbelow are answers accessible for the ‘listen and also compose down’ exercises.I’m teaching myself making use of tastecraftedmcd.coms however tright here is no way to inspect for me, and I’d prefer to learn it ideal.

Wright here can I uncover the audios that correspond to the initially listening activitie (advantageous expressions) of worbook start 1, initially edition?

Hello, I ordered my book for self research is tbelow a means to get an teacher answer key because I am not in school and also self studying


I am self-researching korean through beg 1 and also beg 2 workbooks and also am wondering if tbelow was a possiblity that you might email me the answer key because of the fact that I carry out not have actually anyone to make sure I am not making any mistakes. It would certainly be a tremedous help to me if this was feasible.

Thank You,Hasit Shah

Dear Hasit,Most of the KLEAR textbook individuals should work-related on their WB exercises as homeoccupational assignment. Per research of the instructors that teach the courses, we might not make the answer sheets easily accessible to public. However before, we could be able to make it public in the near future. Thank you for your patience.

I understand also, yet some of us who are making use of the WB are making use of it for self-examine. We have no instructors to assist us or tell us if what we are translating or what we are answering from the audio files is correct or not which could be detrimental to our learning and also research of the language. The Workbook is supposed to help us immerse ourselves in the composed part however if our answers are wrong and also we dont recognize that it is than it would certainly simply hurt our knowledge in the finish. So it would certainly be a significant assist to us self-research learners to make sure that we are answering and learning the language correctly.

Thank You,Hasit Shah

Because I’m also self studying can tbelow be anymethod that perhaps you can email me the answer sheets? I might pay for them too if require be.

Many of the KLEAR textbook users need to work on their WB exercises as homejob-related assignment. Per research of the instructors that teach the courses, we can not make the answer sheets obtainable to public. However before, we can be able to make it public in the close to future. Thank you for your patience.

Hello. Are tbelow any kind of audio documents available for the Summary / Hangul section before Lesson 1 (p.14 onwards)? It appears many essential pronunciation topics are stupassed away below and also with no audio this is difficult for self research.

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tright here seems to be an error on the vocabulary list for chapter 5. Bang is said to expect partnership or in between, as soon as it have to be sa ee 

I’m simply having a difficult time w/ the audio for the message book itself. It would be valuable if tright here were even more correspondence to the book and also audio files.

I am using this series for self-research and also would certainly like to check my answers. Is there anymeans that you could possibly email me the answer essential for the workbook?

Thank you,Errol Palmer

It’s really really poor that one deserve to not acquire the essential to the workbook. For all world who are self-studying korean this is a need to have actually. I think the textbook is excellent but how have the right to I recommend this product? I want to know if I’m ideal or wrong once I’m practicing. If students who are making use of this product in class are cheating as soon as doing exercises they are stupid and also it’s totally up to them really. Exercises are for practicing and once practicing you need to have the ability to examine if you’re best. If teachers desire to test their students for grading them they must make their own tests, not usage the workbook as an exam. Or if Klear Textpublications want to provide tests for teachers you need to make them separate from the workbook. Exercise is self-experimentation and essential for the real test later.