There's no new episode this week so let's try a rewatch discussion! This episode is on at 10:30pm EDT on truTV as a new Inside Jokes yet you don't need to watch the live or anything. This write-up will be stickied choose a regular ep discussion so it'll hopefully be energetic all week.

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Outside of the united state or otherwise have no accessibility to truTV? Here's a YouTube playlist of every the main clips native this episode I might find, consisting of the punishment and also the ~ Party web Chat.

Not sure just how this rewatch will go; comment any feedback/suggestions if you have any. I will certainly be commenting my think on the episode as well in the morning, but right now it's 2am, therefore goodnight! have actually fun rewatching :)

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So lock couldn't even be bothered to put up a clip display this week?

I LOVE the remote manage segments, both the car and the wheelchair. With most obstacles they guys have some an option in that they communicate with but this gets rid of all an option and come up v some hilarious interactions.

I don't care too lot on the debates where they make someone choose. I prefer the cringe humor or the show and also these bits don't really have that in ~ all.

WHHAAAAAAAT? ns LOVE TEAL! lol That's girl's initial reaction to hearing around the parish was too cute.

I think a an excellent end come the punishment would have actually been to put the vital to unlock the chains at the far finish of the bench and it wouldn't end until Murr persuaded someone come let the free. Tarred, feathered, covered in fruit, and begging passers-by for help haha.

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Im Sal I can do this job. Ns wont fail choose all mine previous jobs

Remote control segments are constantly funny, particularly Q's punishment.

I mental in an episode of What would certainly You Do? they walk a piece on how civilization would reaction to a person in one of those far wheelchairs asking human being for help reaching stuff on high shelves at a shop, however then obtaining frustrated in ~ them for gaining the not correct one, therefore they react by gaining up and also walking away.

I'm wait for the jokers to perform something similar to that. I've always wondered exactly how the marks would certainly react to among the jokers magically being healed and being given the gift the walking.

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Up your ass and to the left

So they couldn't even be bothered to put up a clip show this week?

Honestly, I'm glad. It's nice to have actually a main of no uncomfortable posts around clip shows! :D

I don't care too much on the arguments where they make someone choose. I choose the cringe feeling or the show and these bits don't really have actually that in ~ all.

The point with the arguments is the it just really works, because that me at least, if the mark is funny. If they're a little bit awkward/in a hurry/just a blurred challenge then that can loss flat. But one of my favourites is Murr vs. Sal debating whose an initial time was an ext embarrassing since the male was therefore awesome and called Murr out on his BS and stalling.

I think a great end to the penalty would have been to placed the key to unlock the chain at the far finish of the bench and also it wouldn't finish until Murr convinced someone come let him free. Tarred, feathered, extended in fruit, and also begging passers-by for help haha.

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That would have been means better! Especially since he stated in the web Chat that 2 cops in reality walked by and also ignored his cries because that help.