I’ll be honest, I have actually never provided the people ‘lit’ in its current millennial guise - I’ve always preferred its traditional usage. You know, favor “You’ve just lit my hair on fire” or “I’ve simply lit your hair on fire”. That used differently now, favor “Oh my God, this party is for this reason lit, someone’s simply lit your hair ~ above fire”.

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But hey, allow the kids use it that way, because it is ‘nowadays’, and also you can’t avoid them. As deserve to be shown above. Or below, if you an intricate watching the entire music video:

Props if friend made it every the method through - I had to carry out it because that this article and also my DNA has forever to be changed. Ns am something else currently - a miracle? an abomination? i don’t know. Thankfully, i’m still conscious enough to describe it all, for every you human being wondering what the hell “My call is always wet, wet” means.

Here’s a lyric-by-lyric breakdown:

“Yo, Paige, wake up, ns coming to obtain you, best now, we’re acquiring Taco Bell, i’m so lit, obtain up, Paige, acquire up, because I’M for this reason LIT best NOW”

Obviously we’ve acquired Sydney McGee here, song-artiste, trying to wake up up she mate Paige by leaving her an answerphone message, even though it is impossible to wake up someone up v an answerphone post unless the the ‘80s. Anyway, then she states “I’m for this reason lit” for the an initial time, and also this happens:


So maybe she is talking about the engine of she car, i m sorry is plainly on fire.

“OK yes sir OK”

OK yes sir OK.

“I’m for this reason lit ideal now, your life is therefore borin’”

Her car’s still on fire, and also your life is boring since your auto is not on fire, i guess. Only thing is, as soon as she’s boasting around how not-boring her life is, she claims it like this:


But she neglected come recognise that the many bored man in the human being was directly behind her:


“Why y’all sleepin’ ~ above me? I deserve to hear friend snorin’”

Stop being prefer Paige and also wake up and also pay fist to Sydney, due to the fact that her car’s ~ above fire.

“I’m therefore lit best now, mine phone is always wet, wet”

I guess this method she keeps dropping it in ponds or rivers since she’s therefore lit the her call is, by proxy, likewise on fire.

“Makin’ vids appropriate now, i’m gonna be the best, best”

Still so very, really bored:


“Lit up in T-Bell, and also in high school”

Why am i here?


“Countin’ huge subs, struggle my very first mil’. Every the guys go crazy off that very first verse”

Maybe they acquired kicked out of Taco Bell because that dancing ~ above the tables and also had to walk to Subway. Anyway, she’s talk here around how many millions of see she’s obtained on the internet, which i can completely understand if she consistently articles stuff choose this - think about me subscribed!

Last little bit is self-explanatory: yes, the course ns did.

“I’m so lit best now. Okay, okay, okay, ugh!”

Car’s tho on fire, we require someone to cut her out.

“They said, ‘Sydney, why you always eat in ~ taco bell?’”


Get turn off the table Sydney otherwise you’re gonna have to go to Subway.

“Call up corporate ‘cause you understand I’m a large deal. Quesarito, yeah, you recognize it’s my favourite meal”

I’m not certain what we’re come tell corporate? “Hello, is this corporate? Umm, Sydney is a huge deal. Bye.

“Oh wait, sorry, don’t put the phone down. Ns forgot come tell you the the Quesarito is her favourite meal.”

“They said, ‘Sydney, how you carry out this while in high school?’ Makin’ vids everyday, yeah, i’m cool”

Here we’ve acquired Sydney’s mates questioning her how she fits in every this cool rapping and also stuff also though she’s got exams. Well, it’s due to the fact that she’s ‘cool’, that’s how. If you to be cool, you will do know, you nerd.

“Check mine subs, 100k, yeah, you’re a fool”

She has actually over-ordered in Subway.

“For my actual friends, include your handle”

Something to execute with Twitter, however also:



“Comment ar so lit choose a candle. Friend tryna hate? Nah, it is a scandal”

She’s saying the lots of world are commenting on her videos, which is cool:


“Hop up in mine hellcat, flexin’ on my haters. Ice cream on my wrist, plus all my meals catered”

This is Sydney getting in her evade Challenger SRT Hellcat, which i think annoys the people that don’t prefer her. If i didn’t like someone, it would certainly annoy me that they had a nice sports car, for this reason this little bit makes sense. Next up, she allows you recognize she has actually a watch on, and also that people make she meals, except, erm:


I’d ask for my money back from the catering agency if someone offered me the half-eaten item of shit.

“I like my mountain Dew, all flavors”

Yep, nothing wrong through this. Next.

“Brrr, brrr, brrr, obtain ya views up now”

Must it is in cold in the studio or something.

“Brrr, brrr, brrr, buy her merch appropriate now”



“We so lit, dab choose this”


Quick tiny instructional video on exactly how to dab, because that the grandparents out there (you, at a wedding, basically, friend idiot).

“We for this reason lit, eat like this”


The manic eyes, there, of someone who has actually just poisoned a Quesarito and also given it to her ideal friend.

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“We so lit, she’s my best friend”




And that’s that - a tiny bit more chorus repetition and then a gross kiss at the end. I hope I have in some means enlightened you to the mental of our social-media-savvy youngsters.