Under the extra-inning rules, each half inning beyond regulation is began through a runner on second base. The runner is either the ninth batter because of bat in the current inning, or a pinch-runner if the batting team so chooses.

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I view this sentence in this write-up. "So choose" seems to be an idiom. I additionally discovered one more instance on this site:

I have two cost-free concert tickets for tomorrow. We deserve to watch the concert at 7 pm and also still be residence in time to capture mom and also dad before they leave. If you are not right into it, just let me understand and also I have the right to still market the tickets in a separation second. We can still watch the concert on TV if you so choose.

It has an explacountry around the phrase:

"If you so choose" is used when a perboy is given an choice of choosing in between different things.

But with that limited explanation, I still have the right to not gain the expression thoaround. Can someone assist to intricate it based on the provided examples above?

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asked Aug 12 "18 at 2:09

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It"s a more succinct means of expushing "you have the right to carry out X if you (want/choose/decide) to do X."

...or a pinch-runner if the batting team so chooses.

Can be reworded as

...or a pinch-runner if the batting team chooses to do so.


We have the right to still watch the concert on TV if you so pick.

deserve to be reworded as

We have the right to still watch the concert on TV if that is your alternative.

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answered Aug 12 "18 at 2:30

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