I am curious, does Pokémon GO have actually its information conserved on the phone, or is it stored on the internet somewhere?

If I were to delete the app and reinstall it, would certainly I need to begin from the start again at level 1?

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Pokemon Go is a client server based application, so you can reinstall the app as vital.

This indicates that all the data is stored in the "cloud" not on your tool. Because of this, you can safely clear the data, rerelocate the app or execute whatever before you need to (recollection your phone to manufacturing facility settings) and still be able to log ago into the game and have actually your existing game status ideal wright here you left it. In reality, in the first week of Pokemon Go being released I had to clear the application data several times on order to log back in to the game (it appears to be a lot more stable currently though).

To back this up, below is a connect to the server status" for the currently accessible Pokemon Go servers as per their area http://www.mmoserverstatus.com/pokemon_go


You have the right to safely clear the information.

All game data outside of exceptionally instant transactions is stored on the servers.

I"ve cleared my individual information numerous times but I don"t think it does anything except reset choices and credentials.


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