Now you desire to save it for your own an individual use. That\"s cool, too, but unfortunately a bit much more involved than you could think. The job isn\"t difficult, necessarily, however it does take it a couple of more procedures than girlfriend might\"ve previously thought. But once you grasp the process, you deserve to take a funny GIF native Twitter and add it to your library in no time in ~ all.

Here, we will certainly walk girlfriend through saving a GIF native Twitter on her computer and also your phone.

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Saving a Twitter GIF to her computer

First, we require to choose a GIF to save. Straightforward enough. I love the sketch display I Think You should Leave and the many memes it has spawned, for this reason I thought it could be nice to conserve this GIF native the show. After all, i love this show and also I love to eat.

Tweet may have been deleted

Now the we\"ve located a good GIF, let\"s walk v the procedures for conserving it on your computer. Apologies in advance for how many steps this entails.

1. Right-click the GIF

When you right-click the GIF, you\"ll watch a button pop-up that reads \"Copy GIF Address.\" It should look choose this.


2. Click \"Copy GIF address\"

That\"s basic enough, right?

3. Walk to a GIF downloader

OK, this is where things acquire a bit complicated. Twitter in reality publishes GIFs as tiny video files, which room much more efficient 보다 GIF files. So you have to download Twitter GIFs as videos in bespeak to conserve them on her device. Kind of backwards, yet that\"s the way it is.

It\"s OK, though, due to the fact that you deserve to use a tool like TWDownload or

4. Dough the address to the GIF then click download

So, this is nice simple: paste the link then click download. Here\"s what that looks prefer on Twitter video clip Downloader.


Easy enough, right?Credit: Screenshot:

5. Download the GIF

After the initial screen, her GIF will pop up on an additional page. Climate hit download again, and you\"ll watch an MP4 version of the Twitter GIF pop up on your screen.


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Click the three dots in the bottom-right corner of the video, then, yes, again struggle download. It should look choose this.


This is the switch you're feather for.Credit:

Now girlfriend officially have actually a variation of the GIF in your download folder. Yet what if you desire to turn that MP4 video clip back into a GIF the you have the right to use throughout all platforms? after all, you wanted to conserve a GIF and also not a video. Well then...

6. Walk to EZ GIF\"s video clip to GIF converter

OK, i promise there isn\"t also much much more work. EZ GIF has actually a device that lets you quickly convert video files into GIFS. Girlfriend can find it here.

7. Choose and also upload your MP4 video

Choose the MP4 file of your GIF from the download folder on her computer. Then click upload video.

Here are the buttons friend need.Credit: Ez GIF

Saving a Twitter GIF on her phone

As friend might\"ve guessed by this point, saving a GIF to her phone indigenous Twitter is, well, no super simple.

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Once again, due to the fact that GIFs are effectively videos there is no sound on Twitter, the saving process is much more complicated than it would be for a quiet image.

The long and short the it: You\"re going to need an application to conserve Twitter GIFs on your phone.

A small interjection here: It can just be simpler to Google the GIF you\"re spring for, in ~ this point, particularly if you execute not feeling like downloading and install a new app. Resources like GIPHY and other image-focused sites have actually tons that GIFs that are super basic to conserve to her phone. Opportunities are, if you experienced it ~ above Twitter, it exist elsewhere and is simply a Google ask away.

OK, yet if you simply must conserve the GIF indigenous Twitter, and also if you have an iPhone, climate the easiest choice is likely the app GIFwrapped. Here\"s how you use it.

1. Download the app

You can discover the GIFwrapped application here for iOS. Unfortunately, over there is currently no variation of this app for Android.

2. Copy the link to the tweet

Here\"s how you execute that, using the exact same tweet I had actually in the previously section.