„Lone I musage but feel not lonely,Covert solitude’s my lore;For my firm I onlyWant my thoughts and also nothing more.“

— Lope De Vega, book La Dorotea

A mis soledades voy,de mis soledades vengo,porque para andar conmigome bastan mis pensamientos.Act I, sc. iv. Translation from John Armstrong Crow An Anthology of Spanish Poetry (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State Univ. Press, 1979) p. 107.La Dorotea (1632)

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„In that high location in the darkness the 2 oddly sensitive human atoms held each other tightly and also waited. In the mind of each was the exact same believed. "I have actually concerned this lonely place and also below is this various other," was the substance of the point felt.“

— Sherhardwood Anderboy, book Winesburg, Ohio

Source: Winesburg, Ohio


„I hear the little bit children of the windCrying solitary in lonely places.“

— William Sharp (writer) Scottish writer 1855 - 1905

Little Children of the Wind, reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).

„I have actually entered the waste lonely placesBehind the eye.“

— Theodore Roethke Amerihave the right to poet 1908 - 1963

"Meditations of an Old Woman: First Meditation," ll. 76-77Words for the Wind (1958)


„The night folds her trembling hands over a weary human being. Out of a pale blue rises the shining moon. My thoughts are flying to the stars choose lonely swans.“

— Joseph Goebbels Nazi politician and Propaganda Minister 1897 - 1945

Nacht faltet zitternde Hände über der müden Welt. Aus blassem Blau steigt leuchtfinish der Mond. Meine Gedanken fliegen wie einsame Schwäne in die Sterne.Michael: a Germale fate in diary notes (1926)

„I never really thought about exactly how as soon as I look at the moon, it's the very same moon as Shakespeare and also Marie Antoinette and also George Washington and Cleopatra looked at.“

— Susan Beth Pfeffer, book Life As We Kbrand-new It

Source: Life As We Knew It


„It is not pleasant to come upon Death in a lonely place at midnight.“

— Robert E. Howard Amerideserve to writer 1906 - 1936

"The God in the Bowl" (1952)Context: Arus the watchmale grasped his crossbow through shaky hands, and he felt beads of clammy perspiration on his skin as he stared at the unlovely corpse sprawling on the poliburned floor before him. It is not pleasant to come upon Death in a lonely location at midnight.


„Throughout the days in detention, I assumed a lot of around the moon.“

— Ai Weiwei Chinese idea artist 1957

Ai Weiwei on Twitter in English (beta). (December 10, 2011) http://aiwwenglish.tumblr.com/2010-, Twitter feeds, 2010-12

„An overcrowded world is the ideal area in which to be lonely.“

— Brian W. Aldiss, book Super-Toys Last All Summer Long

Super-Toys Last All Summer Long (1969)

„Thought the moon was made of green cheese.“

— Francois Rabelais, book Gargantua and also Pantagruel

Source: Gargantua and also Pantagruel (1532–1564), Gargantua (1534), Chapter 11.

„I was groundedwhile you filled the skiesI was dumbstarted by truthyou reduced with liesI witnessed the lone empty valleyyou observed BrigadoonI experienced the crescentYou experienced the entirety of the moon“

— Mike Scott songwriter, musician 1958

"The Whole Of The Moon"This Is the Sea (1985)

„How wealthy art is, if one can just remember what one has seen, one is never empty of thoughts or truly lonely, never before alone.“

— Vincent Van Gogh Dutch post-Impressionist painter (1853-1890) 1853 - 1890

Source: Dear Theo

„I didn't go to the moon, I went a lot further—for time is the longest distance between two places“

— Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie

Variant: Time is the longest distance in between two areas.Source: The Glass Menagerie

„A civilization that was crowded with world could still be an extremely lonely place.“

— Jodi Picoult, Plain Truth

Source: Level Truth

„Our true hearts are forever before lonely:A wistfulness is in our thought:Our lights are choose the dawns which onlySeem bideal to us and yet are not.“

— George William Rusmarket Irish writer, editor, critic, poet, and creative painter 1867 - 1935

By Still Waters (1906)

„Please be thinking about me. I'm quite lonely and I want to be assumed about“

— Jean Webster, book Daddy-Long-Legs

Source: Daddy-Long-Legs

„I believed lightning wasn't expected to strike in the exact same location twice…. sure it does… but only if you're too dumb to move.“

— Jodi Picoult, My Sister's Keeper

Source: My Sister's Keeper

„We thought we were the only thinking beings in the cosmos, until we met you, but never before did we dream that assumed can aincrease from the lonely animals that cannot dream each other's dreams.“

— Orson Scott Card, book Ender's Game

Source: Ender's Game

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„Oh, if just I were perfectly moon bconnected . If just I were…“

— Kathryn Lasky Amerihave the right to children's writer 1944

Grimble; Chapter Nineteen: "To Believe", p. 143The Record (2003)

„My demands are straightforward and few, assumed Valentine. Food. Clopoint. A comfortable place to sleep. And.But of course a people with no idiots would certainly be lonely. If she herself were even allowed tright here.“

— Orboy Scott Card, book Ender in Exile