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- Land as well fast, usage your emergency brakes. Red handle"s right in front of you. If that doesn"t stop you...

- If that doesn"t avoid you, cut the 4 ignition switches over the copilot"s head.

- do you see us now? friend should be able to see the field, now.


- sure is quiet out there. Yeah, also quiet.

- Looks choose I choose the dorn week come quit sniffing glue.

- there it is.

- over there he is!

- Striker, you"re coming in as well fast! -I know! i know! -He knows! that knows!

- He"s below 700 now, quiet going down. 675, 650, 625. He"s holding.

- He"s holding. He"s at... No, no. He"s down, he"s down.


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Surely there need to be other you have the right to do. I"m doing whatever I can. And stop call me Shirley.
Looks prefer I choose the wrong week come quit sniffing glue.
Chump don"t want the help, chump don"t acquire the help.
No. That"s just what they"ll it is in expecting united state to do.
It"s her wife. I desire the kids in bed through 9:00. I desire the dog fed, the garden watered, and the door locked. And also get a keep in mind to the milkman. No an ext cheese!
Airplane (1980) Sound Clip


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Actors: Robert Hays (Ted Striker), Julie Hagerty (Elaine Dickinson), Leslie Nielsen (Dr. Rumack), Peter graves (Capt. Clarence Oveur), Lloyd Bridges (Steve McCroskey), Robert ridge (Capt. Rex Kramer)

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