around Lose mine Mind

"Lose mine Mind" is a song co-written and also recorded through American country music artist Brett Eldredge. It to be released on may 4, 2015 together the an initial single from Eldredge"s 2nd studio album, Illinois. Eldredge co-wrote the track with Ross Copperman and also Heather Morgan. Composing credit is also given come CeeLo Green, danger Mouse, Gian Franco Reverberi and also Gian Piero Reverberi for a line obtained from Gnarls Barkley"s "Crazy". Movie critics praised it because that the mixture the both country and also pop music aspects throughout the production. "Lose mine Mind" reached number one ~ above the Billboard country Airplay chart, giving Eldredge his 4th consecutive number-one country hit. It likewise peaked at number 2 and 48 ~ above both the Hot nation Songs and Hot 100 charts respectively. The song was certified yellow by the Recording sector Association that America (RIAA), and also has sold 506,000 duplicates in the United claims as that April 2016. It achieved similar chart success in Canada, peaking at number 2 top top the Canada nation chart and also number 57 ~ above the Canadian warm 100 chart.more »

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You placed me ~ above a roller coaster, fly me top top a planeYou send me to one more planet, gain inside mine brainI knew right once I met you, i would never ever be the sameBut i let you take it me over, girl, therefore I"m the one to blameYou make all my screws come looseGot me perfectly confusedAlways discover a way to chaos me up and also drive me wildI love the method you do me shed my mindLose mine mind, ohYou do me crazy and I kinda like itYou show me that apple, girl, and I wanna bite itSo crazy that i gotta have actually itAnd I never wanna get outta this right jacketYou do all mine screws come looseGot me perfectly confusedAlways find a means to chaos me up and drive me wildI love the method you make me lose my mindI feeling the walls closing in within this padded roomOnly good thing around it is I"m locked in here with youI"m always watching you, wonder what you"ll do nextBut my favorite part about it is, is I constantly have come guessYou make all my screws come looseGot me perfect confusedAlways find a means to mess me up and also drive me wildI love the means you make me shed my mindLose mine mindLose my mind

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Brett Eldredge Brett Ryan Eldredge (born march 23, 1986) is one American country music singer, songwriter and record producer, signed come Warner Music group Nashville. The cousin of terry Eldredge that The Grascals, Eldredge has had three No.

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1 singles top top the Billboard country Airplay graph from his debut studio album, lug You Back: "Don"t Ya", "Beat that the Music", and "Mean come Me". More »